This is a checklist of software program port numbers utilized by the procedures of the transportation layer of the adhering to Web procedures for the installment of host-to-host link.
Commonly software application ports are utilized by TCP (Transmission Control Method) as well as UDP (Individual Diagram Protocol) protocols. These protocols require a solitary port for Full-Duplex traffic. SCTP (Stream Control Procedure) as well as CCP (Data gram Blockage Control Procedure) procedures, appeared later utilize these very same port numbers by commonly choosing, and also when they exist, the port numbers that match the very same TCP or UDP services.
The Assigned Figures Authority (DIANA) Net is the organization officially responsible for maintaining port numbers tasks for particular uses. However, in the practice of many methods utilize the using numbers that are well recognized and also tape-recorded. Similarly, numerous official ports influenced refer to protocols that have actually never existed or are now much longer usual use.
This post details the port numbers and also their added procedures that experience enough use.

Refunds Coming/Crouch Heal Bug/Transfers Blocked - New World

New World has struggled since the release with some bugs. The player Shinto but it has been particularly hard hit. Fighting for 15 days with an error message that prevents he can log into his character. Even the deletion of this did not help.

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What is this a mistake? On October 26 Shinto got an error while playing New World. According to this report, there was a mistake with his character and he was thrown back to the main menu. After that he could not log into his character more.

Support Amazon advised him on October 27, to delete the character and make him recover from the support then. That did Shinto, but the problem was not resolved.
Maintenance on October 29 saw then that he was able to briefly play again. However, he had lost by restoring all teleport points in the settlements and territories, which he first had to unlock again.
On October 30, there was the next server maintenance and the error reappeared.

Since October 30, but Shinto New World could no longer enter with his character. Newly created characters on other servers work, but he wants to return his main character with all the advances.

What is the error message Server error: Failed to persist the character just a bug? Is in New World are not uncommon. She has performed several times in connection with server transfers to and then fixed with many players manually from the Support.

But Shinto has not applied for a server change or performed.

Support has been no solution, forum threads will be deleted

What does Amazon to the failure? Basically nothing. According Shinto there was the final response to his ticket on 27 October. Also in the forum thread be received on the subject, no official response from the Community Manager.

That is why the group has begun to Shinto now trying to create new threads regularly responds to Amazon. Most of them, however, were now cleared, and some friends even got a spell for this forum. Only one it gave a short statement in which it said: We have added the error to our Tracker.

Currently, only the latest post driven the player still online, which was created yesterday (via New World Forum).

What other players say? in the forum, in Reddit players have pity on Shinto and little understanding of Amazon.

Because even if they can not fix the bug directly, so expect at least a regular exchange with the player, the 15 days can not gamble really long.

Some are even surprised that Shinto ever tried to gamble New World. The user Clerk writes about on reddit: I am impressed that he is still trying to play this game.

The reason for this seems to be the guild that strengthens his back and for days trying to attract the attention of Amazon.

New World is still fighting even 6 weeks after release with bugs and problems

What about New World? So far, New World has pretty much taken every problem, that there can be in an MMO. There was:

Server problems and queues

Bugs that have prevented progress in the main quest
have made the players invulnerable Glitches
Balance problems
Lag spikes triggered by players
Problems with specific game modes
Gold sellers and bots
Cheaters in PVP

Many of these problems have now come to grips with, but with each update, correct the errors creep in again and again new, mostly minor errors one. Problem-free New World is thus not yet shows how the character error of Shinto.

However, above all, the last update for positive mood has caused. And the outlook for the first major patch in November makes many players hope:

New World is finally the first major update before — Bring new weapon quests and enemy types