Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy players can notice that they can not do some cheats in the game. Apparently, Rock star has decided to remove some key tips for technical reasons. Unfortunately, it has not been specified precisely which tricks they got rid.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is a known Remastered GTA trio to define the kind of game Sandbox in open world. A favorite feature of fans is the tips in the game. The players will only have to enter a code, and they will be able to see tanks falling from the sky, bank balances in the game fill with freshly deposited silver, or riots burst into the streets.

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In fact, we had to delete some for technical reasons — some things that did not work well in the UNREAL database, revealed the Rich Rosado producer. But that s where I ll leave it.

Although they decided to remove some tips that the Grand Theft Auto community already knows how muscular memory, Rosado teases that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy may or may not propose new tips to discover by the players. There is pleasure with the discovery, he added. I do not say more or less, but I prefer not to go straight to the goal before the game released and go directly to the generic of Fin.

The famous Grand Theft Auto cheats are certainly adding a new level of chaos and fun for its players, but it has been reported that their use can prevent players from accessing a number of achievements and trophies.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is launched today, and it is accompanied by a variety of visual improvements, such as increased pedestrian density, improved weather effects, better patterns of characters, more foliage, a distance Improved drawing and many others.

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