Up and down the Schalke players ran half the field on Tuesday, the quick sweeping the keeper behind. In the switching game, offensive solutions had to be found, such as lending or overburden situations can be implemented profitably.

Tempo and dynamism as in the unity on the wet-cold afternoon, the Calif Seine had to cancel with alleged muscle problems, lacked the Bundesliga relegated last, but is urgently needed for a successful appearance at Welder Bremen. At all. Some has to change, is Thomas Ocean.

We did not create as many chances more than in the games before we won. That has to change again.

Thomas Ocean

The left-back was still one of the best Schalke s home and Darmstadt still one of the best Schaldenheim, even if no further scorer point succeeded. In general, We did not create as many chances as you still in the games that we have won. That must change again, the Dutchman notes critical.

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Tension also rose in the cabin

The latest negative series has expanded the country breaks expected, even in the cabin, the tension has risen. If you lose two games in a row in the league, we make our pressure, of course, says Ocean and knows the simple solution: We have to get points and really want this victory in Bremen.

For this, the scarce goals danger, through the right side, through the center and not only on the left, where the 25-year-old recently felt more resistance anyway. I realize that the opponents have changed. In the first plays I had more freedoms, I was more often left alone, had more space for my actions, says Ocean: Meanwhile, a counter player is often closely with me, sometimes even two A changeover, but I have to live with it. And as a team we have to make sure that we also get chances.

Ocean feels good and wants to be even better

At the same time, the increased man cover is also a recognition for the previous services. Six templates and a hit get the loan of AZ Alkmaar so far. It was the right decision to switch to Schalke, definitely. I always play, and I feel good here, says Ocean: I am satisfied with the services so far, but I want to get better.

Dream of the Bundesliga

The Dutch also plays directly around his future. A whereabout with ascent would be as good as certain, even if he does not want to think about it. I focus on this season. I hope we get up. If we connect to the achievements of our victories, we also have a good chance. And he s the opportunity to achieve a great goal: I want to play in the Bundesliga, that s a dream of mine.