Ora-Ora-Ora — Detroit Smash! Do not worry about it, that s just the sound of João Duo from Dojos Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders fight against all Might of My Hero Academia in the legendary fighting game Jump Force. Unfortunately, many fans miss this iridescent spectacle, since Banzai NAMC will remove this game from all digital stores on 8 February 2022.

That s really a pity, because we will lose a piece of anime and video game history for a hit. Even if you may find still physical copies of the game, there is no way to download the DLC of the game as soon as it has been removed, which means that you will never have fun to play as all 14 downloadable fighters. In addition, all the online features of the game (leaderboards, ranking games, online events, etc.) are set, so the time window in which you can completely experience the game is getting smaller.

If this is a game that has been on your radar since the release, but you have never come to buy it, make sure you buy your copy before it s too late. You do not want you to look back in the coming years and regret that you have missed your only chance to play Jump Force.

Currently, you can still buy Jump Force via the following dealers:


Since the upcoming listing will undoubtedly increase the interest in the game, it will probably get many people for the first time in the coming months. Hopefully many people will discover and enjoy this game, so that it can rank into the batches of the best fighting matches of the year 2021. Let s help Jump Force to go with a bang.