Sega and Amplitude have published a demo of Humankind, its large-scale strategy game.

This trial version allows you to play a hundred shifts throughout three times, from the Neolithic at the classic age, twelve of the sixty cultures and a look at the Map Editor, in which creations can be shared with the community.

The demo arrives in parallel with a series of changes and improvements applied in the last patch, which rebalances the military units of the game to make progress more organic and avoid some unforeseen in the way they improve and add new configuration options of The end conditions of departure. A new menu allows you to delete conditions to adjust when the game must end; For example, eliminating all but one can be made that the game ends only when a civilization has eliminated the others. It is also possible to eliminate the shift limit, one of the most sounded requests since the Humankind launch.

Amplitude is working hard to put the game after a somewhat warm release in which the weaknesses seemed to eclipse the strengths of the game; Right now, Steams reviews are varied, and the community seems to keep thinking that the base is good, but it is still a way to deploy all its potential.