The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships, often just called Majors, are global competitions of Esport on the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, directly sponsored by Shutoff, the designer of the video game. They are taken into consideration the most tournaments one of the most prestigious stage.

He was the King without crown of the Counter-Strike competitive and at last he has been able to settle his debt with history. Oleksandr S1MPLE COSTLIER is completing its best season as a professional shooter of Valve and has managed to rise the first major of him after winning the competition organized by GPL in Stockholm. An additional title to the pal market of him, but not one more: he is that he dreams of any professional player of CS: Go and that only a few have managed to lift.

The perfect S1MPLE record in all CS: GO maps

S1mple: The Greatest of All Time?

Within the greatness of the always successful Ukrainian player, there are small achievements that help us dimension the quality of him as a player. A talent that has not encountered rival or discussion throughout the current season 2021 and that can be summarized in a single data capable of demonstrating the consistency of it in all maps that are part of competitive rotation. Taking into account the statistics of all Top 20 players of HDTV equipment, S1MPLE has achieved the best rating 2.0 in six of the seven scenarios that are reported as active in the professional field.

Competitive Counter-Strike fans will also be very clear which of the maps is in which S1MPLE does not appear leading the individual rating of rating. Vertigo is the default ban of NATU Sincere since he was introduced in competitive rotation, so that the Ukrainians have only played it twice according to the statistical records of HDTV. He either he would not be at the top of the list in Train, although since he has been eliminated from the rotation to leave step upon arrival of Ancient, we have not taken it into account.

Although the Major has marked the high point of the Competitive Season of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, NATU Sincere still has a latter with the global endings of BLAST Premier that will be played next December. In them, the team will be played to complete the Perfect of the end of the year and help S1MPLE to maintain this record historical.