The Welder Bremen II is a football team from Germany dipping into the Word Regionalism, among the regional organizations that make up the Football Division in the country.

Even co-trainer Florian boy is no longer at Bremen in office like the beginning. Reason for the decision are prosecutorial investigations against both trainers and the resulting restlessness in and around the club, it said in a message from Welder on Saturday morning.

Due to the now extremely stressful location for the club, the team, my family and also decided myself decided that I finish my job as head coach of Welder Bremen with immediate effect, the beginning explained. I therefore asked the responsible persons for the immediate resolution of my contract, they have suited this wish. I wish Welder today in the game against Schalke and for the future maximum success.

Boy also turned out to speak, I realize it very much that my time ends with Welder Bremen again. I felt extremely well-felt and wishes the team and all the others in and around the club of the heart of the heart.

Frank Baumann, Managing Director Football at Welder Bremen, said the two took over with their step responsibility and thus help to end the unrest, which has come up with the club and the team in the last few days. We respect their decision And will now be looking for a new head coach.

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On Friday, Baumann still had no doubts

SV Werder Bremen - Ermittlungen gegen Markus Anfang eingeleitet / Gefälschter Impfausweiß ?

On Friday after the final training, Baumann had yet explained: Markus has assured us that everything has passed correctly and that he is also vaccinated. There were from Bremen view No reason to doubt them.

The prosecutor Bremen had confirmed on Friday morning that she has initiated a preliminary investigation against the beginning. Background is a criminal value of the Health Office Bremen against beginning. The 47-year-old is therefore suspected of using a fake vaccination certificate.

Welder plays tonight at 8.30 pm against Schalke 04. With Daniel Djokovic, another co-trainer will sit on the bench. U-19 head coach Christian Brand will step in as a co-trainer for the game.

At the beginning, the coach office in Bremen did not take over in summer, before he had trained Darmstadt 98. The Bundesliga relegated evaluates with 19 points in eight of the table.