Sniper Elite is a series of video games established by Rebellion Dope. This is a tactical shooter in the 3rd individual that emphasizes a less straight technique to the fight, motivating the player, as a sniper, to utilize stealth and stay from another location from enemies soldiers. So far, the series has attracted fairly positive reviews. Even more than 10 million Sniper Elite games have actually been marketed.

Sniper Elite 4 is an easily recognizable name in the military genre of video games, and has experienced a successful initial output on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. Since then, in 2020, it has made its way at once on SWITCH and STADIA. Rebellion, an independent successful studio based in Europe, is ready to give new generation console players the opportunity to be noticed remotely, because the company has confirmed that an Libra upgrade for Sniper Elite 4 is available now. The free improved upgrade for PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X / S proves the resounding success of the similar offer of Rebellion in Zombie Army 4.

Via a trailer, the fans have had a glimpse of the benefits of the gameplay to come, because the sniper bullets precisely destroyed enemies as well as the surrounding buildings. Explosions and graphics certainly put the new generation consoles in the event.

As usual, Rebellion has used the modern hardware capabilities of the consoles and is able to provide magnificent graphics, a gameplay at 60 frames per second and a faster loading time. The increased FPS guarantees that players can hit their shots comfortably with incredible details in the Kill-Cam using 4K technology and improved contrast sharpness.

Sniper Elite 4 – FREE New Gen Upgrade | PS5, Xbox Series X/S
Sniper Elite 4 places the players in the chaos of the battle after the predecessor of the game, where players see the magnificent sites but filled with the Second World War, including the Italian Peninsula, Mediterranean coastal towns, monasteries in the mountains and Nazi mega structures. Karl Airborne, snipe, must put his rifle with the sides of the Italian forces who fight against fascism and the threat of the allied response before she begins.

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