It is almost time, since The next final expansion Fantasy XIV will come up with more than a week with changes that will revolutionize the game, new jobs and some highly anticipated modifications. With so many great changes, you may have lost some of them and Square Enix wanted to remind us all what will come next Friday.

Retreat of belts

Among the most important changes that come to the game is eliminating belts. This accessory has existed for a long time, but it no longer has any visual impact. Therefore, they will be officially removed as soon as maintenance, so do not be scared if you can not find yours. You may also want to delete your subjects before the patch. You can consult more about this here.

Restart of experience

The second important update is the restart of the experience that comes with the reduction of the planned numbers for End walker. The goal here is to make the game run better with smaller Numbers of HP, attack and other values.

New recipes

A new update for Final Fantasy XIV means new recipes for combat and collectors and craftsmen. The purple scripts will soon reach the game and replace the current white scripts. To masons will not be available from the beginning, but will be presented at the beginning of January with the wild version of incursions.

Elimination of Headquarters items

Inventory management is not always easy, and Square Enix decided to help with that with an important change in collection. As of December 3, four types of elements will be removed from the game:

Items collected through botany, mining and fishing.
Materials dropped by enemies
Materials obtained through Tombstone and Scrip Exchange
Non-elaborable materials obtained from certain content.

Endwalker BATTLE SYSTEM CHANGES -- Super Condensed Summary!

Here is the full explanation about the deletion of HQ if you want more details!

What to expect from End walker

Many changes are expected with End walker, both in the classes and in existing functions. The new raid level of eight players pandemonium will also be introduced with the expansion. In addition to this, it will also present the new Reaper and Sage classes.

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