The Düsseldorf Fortuna offered a sporty in yesterday’s game against Dynamo Dresden no highlights — with 0: 1 (0: 1) lost the team of coach Christian Presser against the Saxons. For headlines, however, a call of the Fortuna fans took the dynamo attachment.

Saxony, let them vaccinate!, The F95 trailers skipped towards the Dresden fans in the Due to the 2G rule with only 8912 spectators moderately busy Rudolf-Harbig Stadium. An unmistakable appeal that addressed a sensitive topic in the Free State.

Background: Saxony with only 57.6 percent of all federal states, with the lowest vaccine quota, and 960.7 the highest of all overall incidences in Germany.

Since the past Monday, there is therefore one of Sachsen’s Prime Minister Michael Kvetcher (CDU) as breakwater Lockdown, which limits large parts of public life massively in the Free State.

Dynamo Fans in Düsseldorf 04.11.16 (Fortuna Düsseldorf - Dynamo Dresden 0:3)

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