If you are to follow the track of the Frantic Action Games, I’m sure you have not overlooked the existence of Ghost runner, a game where skill and reflexes come together in a fast dance where Each fault can cost us life The game rapped very good numbers, and that is why the creators have wanted to continue with the legacy of the adventure and, now, they present the next DLC with a trailer.

This new female character is more combat-oriented and survives an additional attack 505 Games Project HEL is the name of this expansion, which takes the name of one of the base title heads to give us an experience Very different from which we know. After all, this DLC will allow us to control the same HEL, who was our enemy in the adventure, along six levels where we will discover the particularities of this character. The instant attacks and the frantic moments will not be lacking, but with HEL we can explore new skills and unique features.

Designed to like new players and veterans, this new female character is more match-oriented and can survive an additional attack compared to Ghost runner, explains 303 Games on its YouTube channel. So, if you want to return to the Ghost runner’s experience through a character that will alter the strategy of any player, stay attentive to the official launch of this DLC the January 27, 2022.

Ghostrunner _Neon Pack DLC - Official Trailer | gamescom 2021

And the thing does not end here, since December 7 premieres the Holiday Pack : a free set of visual elements with which to enjoy holidays. So, with the ground of the new generation already dominated and a roadmap full of surprises, it is clear that there are still more news to be announced from Ghost runner. And the fans will be more than happy to return to their complicated levels, because their challenges have placed it among the 10 games with hellish difficulty that would despair more than one player.