In December, the new patch 1.2 inner World is published. This has had repercussions in advance because it is the watermark system work. The developers have now released the patch notes from the PTR. We at Mango you summarize everything important.

What’s in Patch 1.2 The December update will make mainly three major changes?:

Every Important Change from New World PTR & In-depth Explanation of New Systems - Expertise & Gypsum
It introduces a winter event, do for their various events, and 7 new quests, and you can unlock cool rewards on a branded system. These rewards include weapons, armor and a special emote Present Gifting.
The Watermark system is revised, will be known as competence and you will appear in your inventory. In addition, gypsum is introduced as a new raw material to prints to make your equipment, thus leveling the competence.
It comes an expansion for the crafting system that brings you rewards above level 200 also in a profession. Furthermore, you can find plaster deserve.

Meanwhile, the developers have, however, released the patch notes from PTR and also there are again find some interesting changes. In particular, the adjustments to the open world, the dungeons and arms read well.

New World changed opponents in the open world, Dungeons makes lucrative again

What are the changes to the open world?

Opponents in Regard which were reinforced secretly with patch 1.1 will now weaken somewhat. There is also a new elite chest in the area.
Some other points of interest have been adjusted. Some were weakened, others, such as the Imperial Palace in symmetry were raised to the level of the 66th
The events with the Corrupted were increased in some places at level 66th
There is new T5 jewelry that can be found when looking at opponents in the open world. There was the problem that there was only named items that were quite rare.

What to change in the dungeons? dungeon raid bosses from Lazarus instruments and garden of origin are your skills at each reporting guarantees increase. This offers a new way to grind the old Watermarks.

In addition, there is the new Timeless Shards on her when crafting a specific attribute of your equipment can accelerate.

However, many players still criticize the Orb system here. Because many of them would run the dungeons more often, but it can not because of that.

New Perks for your equipment: We added some new perks with various useful effects, including 3-15% faster reduction of resources and new interactions with heavy attacks for about 8 seconds disease among the enemy by heavy attacks, or 3-15% more damage when it performs a fully charged heavy attack.

What are other interesting changes?

When crafting now be legendary materials that are otherwise rarely when mining will produce (such as scales cloth at the wire fibers), e.g. using the 250 wire fibers.
The Quest display has been revised. So you can see now already right at the edge of the UI and also on the map, what are the main quest, quests for progress (for example, better skill in fishing) and what is normal side quests.
Quick travel points are now also displayed when you have not yet discovered.
There is now new quests in Placental and unsteady coast.
So that now the real armor value is calculated instead of the average, when a character with a lower level against a strong enemy fights The fire Less formula in PVP will be revised. In exchange, the damage is increased by players with a lower level.
Bonuses to critical damage act additively future instead multiplicative.
Some weapons, there was a reduction in the recovery time, i.e. the period was carried out in the action and the next is activated. The heavy attack by a sword about now has five frames less recovery time.
Outside Post rush the enemy faction can no longer enter the base.
The health points from the source switch, a boss in the story, was halved.
There were several balance adjustments to the weapons.

The full patch notes — so far only in English — can be found in the official forum of the New World.

What is scaled with the adjustments to the item-level? Amazon is planning a major adjustment for the equipment of New World, by your equipment in the future with the competence level. This means: Does it crafted a competence level of 520 and or buys an item by Rustlers 600, then it is scaled down to the value of the 520th

This change is not included in this update, but will only come into play in 2022. Nevertheless, there are already a lot of criticism for it:

New World announces change to the equipment for 2022 and reaps a Shit storm