Do you belong to the players who are stranded in New World on a meanwhile more orphaned server? Then there are good news for you now, because the developers have finally started with the by the community of long-term server compositions. Thus, in the long term, problems with business and PVP may belong to copulative worlds of the past.

Game progress stays at the server merge

However, the developers do not match all low-populated servers together, but go step by step. Therefore, in the European Region EU Central, only two servers are affected by the merger for the time being: namely the server MARI and the server Brittney. You can therefore not transfer characters to any of these servers since 4 December 2021. The Merge of Mari and Brittney is scheduled to take place on December 8, 2021, at 16:00 in German.

What does the merger concrete?

The smaller server MARI goes up in server Brittney. All players of Mari retain their progress and characters including all items, factions and companies. The game world itself is located on the stand, as he was at the time of the merger. This affects, among other things, the events, the settlement levels and the distribution of territories.

Further Merges planned?

Whether and, if so, which collaborations of servers will follow in the future, the developers have not yet announced. But you write how to decide about a possible merge:

Es gives some things we look at, to see if a world is in an unhealthy state, but not limited to the population size and the general activity [the player]. As soon as we have identified a world that has identified one Compare merger, we compare them with existing worlds in the respective world set to find the best possible partner world, including things like the factions, the server species and the language. A merger within a set means that a world from US-West Never can be merged with a world of US East, but a US West World with another US West World.

Server merges start NEXT WEEK, how to PREPARE for a merge and MAKE MONEY from it in New World
Anyway, we assume that the developers of New World (Buy €39.99) will also be announced in the future further server compositions. We definitely keep you up to date.

Source | New World Forums (via my MMO)

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