An industry insider had insights into the chaotic development of Battlefield 2042 g Eben. Now Electronic Arts (EA) reacts to the allegations.

It’s serious with Battlefield 2042. The statement of the Battlefield 2042 developer begins with which you respond to a report. Because the well-known industries insider Tom Henderson had shown the problems and difficulties in the development of the ego shooter Battlefield 2042 in a comprehensive video.

Many capable staff had left the studio and EA had probably wanted to orient himself on successful games of his time.

An extensive explanation to the insider report on Battlefield 2042 read here on Mango.

That’s happened now: Now Electronic Arts has reported speaking and reacts with a statement on Tom Henderson. The statement invited Henderson even at Twitter. In the short text, the developers explain how it should continue in the future with Battlefield 2042.

EA wants to invest a lot of time and resources in Battlefield 2042

In this way, EA responds to the allegations: I mean it’s serious with Battlefield 2042 and continued to invest resources in the game. In addition, one explains that there is even a new studio, which is only responsible for Battlefield.

WOW!, Thanks EA For Announcing This.. ???? ( Battlefield Fans Mad )
Previously, a great staff rotation had been announced at the Battlefield franchise, which should take care of the future of the series.

In addition, the developers explain that you want to continue to improve and grow the game, because it is the basis for the future [from Battlefield].

But some players show little excited about the statement and make their anger on Twitter and Reddit air.

The players show themselves disappointed by the official statement: Do we get hero shooter now?

The players react: The reactions of the players are little positive and in Subreddit to Battlefield 2042 one discusses the post of developers (via Many users scold and keep the statement only for a bad apology for the serious state of the game.

This is how a user sarcastic writes: We are determined to stuff our vision in the neck, no matter how much you tell us that you may not like them.
The User Oarthurcallahan already fears (via I can not wait that your next hero shooter is mercilessly flopping and the last nail for the coffin of the franchise.
Another user asks, I do not understand why you still talk about potential. The alpha should have potential, maybe even the beta, but if the potential is not exhausted after the publication, what did you do? You should work on smaller improvements and bug fixes, now where it is published, and not working on ‘potential’.

The developers of Battlefield 2042 are currently not particularly popular among the players. Only recently had new Christmas skills integrated into the game. But the players found anything but funny:

Battlefield 2042 brings new Christmas skins and the players hate them immediately