Nico Schulz (Berlin, Germany, April 1, 1993) is a German footballer that plays as a defense at Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga of Germany.

With a win in Berlin, Marco Rose wanted to crown a good first round — or in his own words: So far, we have played a decent first round and can now make a very neat. But it became nothing, although the BVB had led to Bertha BSC after 45 minutes. But a violent burglary with restart ultimately ended in a 2: 3 bankruptcy.

And so that rose was visibly concentrated in front of the Sky microphone and criticized the performance of his team with clear words. The three points are not there, that’s why it’s a bit difficult with decent first at the moment, we’re leading 1-0 here with difficult conditions. But then it goes, because we get goals. We also play too little unconditionally too long — and only when the child has already fallen into the well, we make what we imagine over 80 or 90 minutes. Namely, unconditionally football Playing with everything that belongs — defend, attack, enemy presses. The result: More than the late 2: 3 of Joker Steffen Tinges was no longer in line with this Saturday night.

Rose and the indemnity

The burglary, the old lady, among other things, with clear mistakes as from Julian Brandt before the 1: 2 and 1: 3 again back into the game, could not explain Replacement Tor wart Martin Hit, who had played for the cold Gregor Nobel, not: We have made the game. That was nothing in the first 20 minutes of the second half, only afterwards we were back. The gates we got too easy. But then with three goals away there, since it is very, very difficult.

To be a maximum of successful, it needs a bit more.

Marco Rose

But why did the black-yellow ones break in such a way? Coach Rose went on causes research and said unmistakably: I say that we are lacking in conditions. We are Borussia Dortmund, we want to win here in Berlin. And that everyone has to recognize here — in every minute of the game.

And on, We are not talking about attitude here. Because the boys want, but we are talking about attitude. And at the end of the day, Berlin has beaten us with passion and fight as other opponents have done and herself deserves the victory. We are now home with empty hands.

SoulCycle - SNL

Working upstarts Saturday night

What is there now in the short Christmas break? Rose has a plan: We need to change our attitude in needlessness, we absolutely have to work. I do not want to change the characters of the boys here because the good guys are. But to be a little more, it needs a bit more.