[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew] The Memoir (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) will find the event to introduce and support NFT to Lamp and Had writer ‘project Soldier: Korean War Veterans,

The project is a work that grows to the National Armed Forces and the United Nations Veterans, and records their appearance as photographs and images. So far we have recorded about 1,700 veterans around the world.

The NFT, which is the first event, was released by the US Marine Daemon Norman Board at the time of Gang Jin-ho, the US Marine Crew,

The event period is enrolled through the NFT Auction from the NFT Auction from December 22 to January 9, 2022. Through the lottery, a total of 500 opportunities are given a purchase opportunity, and the winner can pay a 0.5 game and purchase an NFT. Winners announcements and NFT purchases are made through January 13, 2022, through January 30.

In addition, in line with the time when there was an important case in the Korean War, the second event, in February 2022, the third event is held in June.

MADE has helped the project to support the project, helping work activities, and all the amounts that occur through this Welcome NFT Auction Event will be used for project solid activities.

The project Soldier said, The most impressive part in the photographs of veterans is that it is a part of the pride that it became part of the struggle for freedom, he said.

Gang Hymn Book Woman said, Everything that has an economic value will eventually be an NFT, he said.