The Event Parties of Pokémon Go 2021 has been accompanied by a few challenges and by the appearance of numerous ice-type Pokémon, but there is another big surprise that has left us as is the possibility of get free incubators in Pokémon Go, As we are going to detail it in the following guide.

How to get free incubators with the Pokémon Go 2021 Parties event

The incubators are one of the most precious objects of the game because are necessary for the eggs to do as long as you walk down the street. Also, you will always have a free incubator of an infinite use, hence it always deserves worth having a greater amount.


Luckily, this new event will allow you to obtain incubators without paying a single cent and the method for this is the simplest. Only you must go to a poképarada and turn it, at which time you will receive several objects between which there will be an incubator, even if you will only get one a day while the Pokémon Go parties are celebrated.

With respect to the object in question, it is about a normal and current incubator of a single use, so our recommendation is that you reserve it for those eggs that require you to go a greater number of kilometers, like those of 10 or 12. In fact, in this other guide you can consult which are the Pokémon that will appear in them.

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