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FIFA 22: List of Honorary Toty players, who will receive a special letter in Ultimate Team

After the publication of Tony in FIFA 22, the debate is always out about the players who have been left out and deserved it. That if CR7, if Salah, etc. Wow, letters we would like to have on our Ultimate Team teams, and have a second chance with the honorary team.

EA Sports is going to take new players with the category of Honorific Tony to several of the nominees that stayed at the doors. A tribute and a way to make these letters more accessible to all.

Next, and although it had already been filtered, we are going to leave a list of the new players available in the form of Tony, as well as its definitive average.

Inside (89)

  • ONUCI (87)

  • Rudder (90)
  • Kyle Walker (87)
  • Alba (89)
  • Found (88)
  • Chaise (89)
  • David (87)
  • Salah (95)

* Gretzky (90)
* Fernandes (92)
* Haaland (92)
* FOD EN (90)
* Benzema (94)
* Wendy.

In addition, it would be the possibility of getting Luke Shaw using seasonal objectives and Lazaro Martínez and Simon Khmer through SBC challenges.

TFT SET 6.5: Renata, Silco and all new filtered champions of the new update


A few hours ago we told you that Renata, the supposed new champion of League of Legends, had been filtered into the Chinese community of Team fight Tactics. Because it turns out that she is not the only great filtering of the Riot Games Tattler and that we already know all the new units of the imminent set 6.5. Thanks to that macrophilration you already know all the new characters that will arrive with the Half Set update of Team fight Tactics. Rental them all in this list . All filtered champions The TFT set 6.5 will arrive within a few weeks, although it has not yet reached the BE, the League of Legends test server. The estimates make us think about the 12.4 patch, scheduled for February 16. Fountain.

Sniper Elite 5: Cinematic Trailer and Invasion Details

Rebellion, one of the most successful indie studios in the world, today releases a CGI trailer for Sniper Elite 5, the latest offshoot of the award-winning shooter franchise.

In it, fans receive an impression of the new invasion mode, which allows players to penetrate as a sniper of the axis powers in the campaign of another and thus dust high rewards.

The trailer originated under the direction of Rebellion Produktionsfirma Rebellion VFX and uses both in-game and exclusive VFX assets in combination with a tailored audio mix.

In addition, Rebellion today also reveals the cover artwork as well as the Key Type for Sniper Elite 5:

Invasion mode ensures an unprecedented intensity and drama in the game and expands the variety of tactics that players need to resort to a successful missionary conclusion. The sniper of the axle powers will do everything possible to eliminate its goal, while its adversary receives another directive: turn off the intruder.

The invasion mode is also available in Loop mode, making the challenge of sniper of the axle powers still tricky, as it is now to detect two Allies. In return, however, lucrative rewards also lure.

Chris Kingsley, CTO at Rebellion, commented: The invasion mode is a fantastic complement to the gaming experience of Sniper Elite 5. A human intruder acts differently, and his next steps are heavier. This grows the challenge, which in turn creates an intense, stress-charged atmosphere. Players will be informed that a sniper of the axle powers has penetrated their session, and it starts a nerve-wracking cat and mouse game with high commitment.

Chris supplements: For the players who only want a solo gaming experience, it will of course give the opportunity to turn off the invasion mode. But we recommend everyone to try it once. We had fun in the studio insane fun to infiltrate the college campaigns, and to find innovative ways secretly turn off our opponent.

In invasion mode, both players have some unique skills available. The invasion of the axis powers can call allies I forces to help to locate the Allied player. The tagging an axis military activates the Eagle Eyes. This marks the last known whereabouts of the opponent on the map as soon as he spoils him. The sniper of the axle powers can also inside soldiers nearby to stay alert to increase their attention.

For the Sniper of the Allies, there are in every level invasion telephones scattered on the map and with those of the players can locate the last known location of his opponent. But caution: These phones can not only be equipped with explosive traps, but also excite excessively use and betray the location of the player.

Successful snipers of the axle powers are rewarded with weapons, objects and unlocked skins, while the Allies sniper can earn weapons and character skins by killing their opponent. In addition, players earn additional experience points when they have activated the invasion mode.

Sniper Elite 5 will appear at the same time in the Xbox Game Pass, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 & 5, Epic, Steam and the Windows Store. Players hatch in the role of the Elite Scorer Karl Airborne, who traveled to France in 1944 to cross the plans of the Nazis and smash the secret operation to smash the overall octopus.


Uncut fans have reason to joy, because in Germany, the shooter is uncut with the US classification over 18 years with SWAT chairs.

Wow: Wen Lo – the Mount for the Chinese Year of the Water

The Chinese New Year is celebrated extensively each year, because it is the most important party of the country. The New Year 2022 begins on Tuesday, 1 February and ends on January 21, 2023. According to the Chinese horoscope, the year of the water tiger follows directly on the year of the metal buffalo (2021), in which Blizzard has released the happiness Soak Run, and ends with the year of the water hare (2023).

The tiger is the third of twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. It is characterized by its open and courageous being and has a strong will. Has he once set himself upside down, he does not give up so fast. He is also energetic and always has to do something to do.

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Today Blizzard stood on the occasion of the Year of the Water Tiger Wen Lo, the soul of the river before, a brand-new riding for your collection. The newcomer, where not only monk players get wet eyes, is available for 25 euros directly in the shop in the game or in the Blizzard Shop. When completing a subscription for World of Warcraft (Buy Now) Up 6 months you will receive him Free (Note: Players currently have a 6-month subscription, which is renewed at a future time, receive Wen Lo at no extra cost). As soon as you have purchased a subscription over 6 months in the Blizzard Shop, Wen Lo is automatically added to your riding collection in the game. But remember that the render is not available in World of Warcraft Classic. For Classic Players there are a portion of goblin gumbo . Here is the subscription order in the Blizzard shop.

Like all previous Chinese ribs (Huizen of the divine guards, lucky pig Horus, Quick’s, Lucky Soak Run), of course, can fly the water tiger, and he has a great mountpecial animation. The legendary and saucer spectral tiger can definitely not ring this wild beauty the water!

Madison, horror game, exit on current consoles and new generation

Get ready to dive into something more sinister. The next psychological horror game of Bloodies Games, Madison, arrives at current and new generation consoles. In partnership with PERP Games, Bloodies is ready to bring nightmares to console players. A press release details the game and its arrival on consoles later this year.

Madison is our passion, and we have invested our heart and soul in the development of a game that will really scare you and challenge your prospects. Says the CEO of Bloodies, Alexis di Stefano, in the press release.

In Madison, players play the role of Luca. You wake up covered with blood. You have been forced to continue a brutal and horrible ritual by the hands of a demon, Madison. With only a camera and your own intelligence, you must connect the human world to the world beyond, solve puzzles and, above all, survive.

Rob Edwards, CEO of PERP Games, says in the statement that Madison, a truly revolutionary game that wears the psychological horror to a whole other level. Madison is terrifying, and we can not wait for people to live the tragic story of Luca in the months to come.

A trailer, release last year, shows Madison’s gameplay.


The trailer shows the prospect at the first person of the game. In addition, the trailer shows how the camera can be used. Players can also see how the game aims to disturb and achieve its goal.

For now, bloodies does not give a console release date. Yet players can expect the game sort later in 2022.

Thinking today at tomorrow: Jobin Hood is new partner of SC Prussia

There is always the point in life in which a new chapter has to be opened. Also for young footballers, who often ask their dream of great career. But the view of a second pillar and an alternative to the football world is written at Hammer Strafe and the talents of the sports club also accompanied in this way away from the lawn. With Join Hood , the SC Prussia now has a partner on board, which specializes in exactly this question. It should become the point of contact number one for young people when it comes to the future issues such as internships, training or jobs. We believe that the classic application process is outdated and have developed a portal with Join Hood, which is exactly tailored to the needs of young job searches and prospective trainees. Through our smart, new communication channel, we make potential applicants facilitate contact with companies and thus want to reduce the number of open places in the region, explains Managing Director Werner Telemann and emphasizes: We are very pleased to be the official partner of the SC Prussia Münster and hope to achieve numerous synergies for both sides.

In order to be able to play the professional double pass with the younger generation, it is also necessary for classical professions new paths. Join Hood has made this process to the destination: First, we launched the platform from its own needs, because JOIN HOOD is the result of an initiative of several companies from the region, which were often not fully satisfied with the established channels. About our Bio-based chatbot, which allows our young target group – primarily to get the pupils, in their language and in their common communication behavior, about the smartphone, first and non-binding information on attractive employers in the region. Our focus is clearly on the informative and transparent corporate performance; Who is my potential employer? Which people work there? What would my personal perspectives in this company be? Telemann explains.

These are questions and topics, which of course are also present at Hammer Strafe. The youth trainers accompany the talents first and foremost in the square, but also experience their everyday life with all the difficulties and questions. Thus, the SC Prussia offers its junior players who spend a lot of time in the shadow of the Prussian Stadium for their footballing education, as needed, as needed. We want to design the development of our talents as holistic as possible and support them on their way in working life. It is important not to put the focus exclusively on football. With Join Hood, we have a strong partner at our site, which provides our junior footballers first and significant information about their possibilities in the region. We are pleased to establish another building block in our training process, sports director Peter Wiemar is glad about the newly closed partnership. It is the interaction of the present and future, which the young start-up dedicated to the Prussians, as Werner Telemann concludes: We want to jointly design the issue of occupational orientation in the Generation z together with the Club and above all for it Sensitize that training can also be the door opener for a shiny career.

LEGO STAR Wars The Saga Skywalker: After 5 years of development, the game arrives in April 2022

Absent from hot news since last summer, Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker gives us good news, since an output date has been set. It was therefore on April 5 that the game will disembark on all market supports, after a long and chaotic development of 5 years. Because if the title was announced at E3 2019 (for an initial exit planned for 2020), the production started in 2017. For this episode that includes no less than 9 films in total, the ambitions were superior to the average of the Other Lego games that had a year of in fine development. If the crunch was a business culture of TT Games, many things have changed after unlocked satisfaction surveys. The end of the tunnel is therefore visible for employees who will be able to blow and present a game that wants to mark the renewal of the franchise, with a brand new 3D engine, no less than 300 playable characters, more than 100 vehicles with drivers, 23 planets To explore and the iconic times of the 3 trilogies to be redone with the LEGO atmosphere. In short, of the big content for players to forget this little glorious development at the time of their parts.

The Lego Star Wars release: The Saga Skywalker is expected for April 5th on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon picture book of “Pokemon Legends Alceus” does not end with capture only! There is an integrated factor

In the Software Soft Software Pokémon Legends Access , the content His’s Adventure Guide to introduce the adventure is updated. The third Pokémon picture book is introduced.

This work is a Vertical Development with an Action Element in the Pocket Monster series. Pokémon Trainer is not conceptually, and the main character is the first Pokémon picture book in this area to make the protagonist to make the main character the first Pokémon picture book in this area to the Pokémon survey.

In the traditional Pocket Monster series, all information was recorded in Pokémon pictorial book simply by catching Pokémon. In one of this work, it is not over by capture.

There is a research level for each Pokémon, and it rises by observing, evolving and evolving Pokémon. The contents of the picture book will be more fulfilling.

In addition, as the degree of completion of Pokémon pictorial book goes up, the degree of contribution to the main character’s Gin gaga group also rises members rank. As the area where you can investigate will increase, it will be important to increase the research level even if you want to advance the main story.

Pokémon Legends Access will be released on January 28, 2022. The price is 6,578 yen (tax included).

The Crew 2: The Contractor Free Available

The Crew 2 Season Four – Episode Two: The Contractor is now available with a free update. After a journey through America’s most iconic cities to do missions for Marco’s Cab, Diamond Limousine and Rocket Co., can now be explored by Season 4, Episode 2: The Contractor the world’s wildest places of the United States.

Deliveries for two brand-new companies are made: Intrepid Outdoor, specializing in delivery of camping equipment, and US wildlife watchers, a charity, which uses the protection of animals and their reintroduction to nature.


Season 4, Episode 2: The Contractor is accompanied by a new version of the optional and fifty-numbered reward system: the motor pass. This offers both free and premium rewards, including new vehicles: the Königsberg Genera Outclassed Edition (Hypercar), the Land Rover Defender V8 Works Intrepid Outdoors (Rally Raid), the Hummer H₁ Alpha US Wildlife Watchers (Rally Raid) and a brand-new creation The Ubisoft Ivory Tower Team, the Hunter 51 (Rally Raid).

In addition to the motor pass, Season 4, Episode 2: The Contractor will continue the monthly free vehicle deliveries, whereby playing new vehicles can drive and customize individually, including the Chevrolet Silverado Intrepid Outdoors (Rally Raid) or the Ariel Atom (Street Race). All vehicles will be available from January 19th. Additional new vehicles will be added during the season, as well as prestige objects such as roof ornaments, avatar outfits, smoke variants, tire variants, under body lights and window tints.

The Live Summit experience will continue during this episode with a new set of weekly competitions. With the live summit, there is only one goal: as far above in the ranking as possible. Each week, the best players are rewarded with exclusive objects and vehicles, which focus on their placement.

In addition, in this episode, no less than 3 atmospheric live summits will be playable, including one of the most ambitious events that have been published so far.

Boiling the topic of the worlds core gamer! The time is infinitely due to 300 yen only for movement operation … “bad magic Castle” wind “reverse barrage” Rogue Like “Vampire Survivors” [Repo]

Vampire Survivors-Early Access Trailer from Ponce on Vimeo.

This time, on December 17, 2021, PONCE will deliver the Play Replit of the 2D Casual Log Light VAMPIRE SURVIVORS started early with PC (Steam). Of course, the price is cheap and cheap, but it should not be that it is only overwhelmingly popular in Steam. Let’s see what kind of game.

Vampire Survivors

This work manipulates Vampire Hunter, and is a rogue light game that survives 30 minutes to dawns while defeating the broken dark corps. Currently, only arcade mode can be played in early access. In the product version, stories mode and RPG elements will be included. In addition, characters and items are graphics that reminiscent of Devil Castle Dracula Series.

Gameplay is very simple. All attacks are auto, and the operations that the player can perform only to select the hunter’s move and level up upgrade. Picking up the enemies When you pick up the gems you drop, you can get an experience value and select one from three items that are randomly displayed every time the level can be attacked and supported. The amount of enemies and the amount increase the amount as time has passed.

Close to the actual content of vampire survivors !

In Steam, this work has been classified as Homelike Action, but the action element was not particularly, and it felt that it would be close to the omnidirectional shooter game where inertia does not work. What you can play is only the hunter movement and upgrade selection. All attacks will be done automatically, but there are different cool downtime for each weapon.

As with the player, the enemy is also not the attack behavior, and it is a good idea to get in touch with the player’s goal. Enemy with a weapon will also appear, but it is a variation of graphic, and you will not attack with those weapons.

Introduction is too simple to play What’s fun , if noticed is you notice it….

There are three Logs Like elements in this work. One thing is that when the level rises, choosing one of the three items displayed random. The two are Defeating from 1. Lastly, permanent upgrade can be made by using the gold coin collected in the game play. In addition, new items and characters are also added each time the results are achieved.

The first hunter that can be selected is an Antonio of Much Use Antonio, but there is a cool downtime, so there is no barrier, it is necessary to hit the number of enemies. New weapons and upgrades are available from treasure chests to drop when the level rises or defeats a strong enemy.

The character’s level accumulates the experience value by picking up the gem to drop when you defeat the enemy. When the level goes up, three items are displayed at random items, and if you select one of them, level up is completed.

Items displayed are weapons and support items. If you select an item already has, you can expect the level of the item, shortening the attack power, shortening the cool downtime, and the scope of the attack range.

Antonio who picked up gem and played a level. Because the crawler was displayed in the upgrade, I was lost in level 2 without getting lost. Then, regardless of the direction of travel, it became possible to attack left and right. Since the weapons and support items can be equipped up to six, combining various attacks such as wolf, ax and fireball and lightning, we will compete with many enemies.

Also, if you defeat a strong enemy that sometimes appears, you can drop the treasure chest. When opened, one to five items and large amounts of gold coins are available.

Let’s explain the important gold coin as well as Gem. When the player is defeated, all the capabilities are reset, but the only gold coin remains at hand. The collected gold coin is used in permanent upgrades and new character unlock that can be accessed from the title menu.

The gold coin used to unlock the character can not be returned once, but the gold coin used for the upgrade will be reset at any time and everything will come back at hand. Feel free to change, trial and error, user-friendly point.

New weapons and support items and characters are unlocked when achieving the results, and items that can be obtained with the detention cancellation can be acknowledged from Achievements in the title menu. By unlocking early, you can enjoy play using various weapons combinations and their individuality of each character.

In order to survive 30 minutes to dawn, the combination of weapons is, of course, point to collect many games as soon as possible and enhance the hunter. Gem is dropped into the field when defeated enemies and no experience value is obtained until picking up.

Because it is always chased by many enemies, it is often not possible to pick up immediately. It is also possible for aggressive play, such as going to get a gem and push it for a while, while retracting.

TIPS for surviving

Items that appeared will continue to stay in the field and do not disappear, so there is no need to rush to the collection of gems. However, you will still raise the level to raise the level of upgrading.

In addition, by breaking the harpoon and tower that appear on the field, it also appears to erase the recovery item bone meat and the enemies in the screen. There is also an pub that attracts all the gems outside the screen, and games that could not be collected so far gather at once.

Recovery items and one-shot reversal items are not immediately taken, and it is recommended to preserve until the time of pinch.

Sometimes the strong enemy to drop the treasure chests that appears is quite hard, and it is often the fact that attacks are also surrounded by AKO. In such a time, if you go out and put out that enemy out of the screen, it will be easier to defeat it because the same enemy appears alone from the opposite side.

When the enemy starts to boil a large amount, the gem is dropped on the screen. Because the item on the field is not disappeared until it takes, worries such as the processing is heavy. If there are too many more fields, games combine and evolve to Greene and Red Gem.

In order to survive a 30-minute, the weapon is hard to increase the level with the normal power-up and the most difficult business. It is TIPS for beginners, but it would be appreciated if you can use it somewhat.

In addition, defeating the last enemy that appears after the limit time is impossible at this time.

It is vampire survivors that has been introduced here, but with a price of 300 yen, it has already been addictive and volume, and for now I will buy it! and can be recommended.

This work that can be played in the gap of a short time of a short time of at least 30 minutes at the longest. Once against the impression of the screen and the first look, it should not stop if you play once again…. If you want to play for the time being, how about playing old version prototypes at ?

Title: Vampire Survivors
Compatible model: PC (steam)
Play model in articles: PC (steam)
Release Date: December 17, 2021
Author play time for article writing: 4 hours
Price: 300 yen

GAMING Gaming Chair (Black)
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Rakuten Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Headset G433BK
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