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It sounds almost too nice to be true: Paid leave to help worry about his mind or even his body something good. According to law, employees and workers in Germany are entitled to five to ten days additional educational leave — at least in 14 out of 16 federal states. Bavaria and Saxony are the exceptions.

But only a few employees use this opportunity, many workers know nothing of the possibility. The offers of specialist seminars, for example from controlling, range to prevention chairs such as yoga or fasting hiking.

These courses can take place worldwide and partly online and do not necessarily have to do something with the profession, says Lara Former from the Berlin start-up A-Z Education Time. The start-up operates the online platform education holidaymaker.DE, through which providers can publish their seminars.

How to double your holiday 2022: These bridge days should be secured before your colleagues

Each state regulates educational leave differently

Depending on the state, the right to educational leave is also regulated differently as the question of which form of educational leave is recognized. That’s why it’s important to look at exactly what is going on in the area where you work, says Till Bender, speaker of the Legal Protection Department of the German Trade Union Confederation (GB).

In part, the concept also does not mention educational leave, but educational release or education time. In Bavaria and Saxony, there is basically no right of educational leave, but one can appeal to his employer here whether a support is possible, says Lara Former.

If you can make his boss or boss plausible, that it is useful for work, that’s always a good argument, says Bender. Then the costs could be used pro rata or dismantled overtime. Basically, the fees for the seminars are at the employee.

What do I want, and what brings me on?


But how do professionals now choose from the variety of offers something suitable? In the first step, it is important to think about what you feel like looking for a professional or private. Perhaps such a course is also a good plus for the next salary negotiation, when employed work skills that enable a career jump.

Pages like the GB Education Work, Info web Continuing Education or Bildungsurlauber.DE help gain a good overview of offers and deadlines as well as conditions.