In six years of existence, the characteristics and coins present in Clash Royale have had time to evolve in the right direction. But if, like many other players, you go back to the mobile game after months of inactivity, some of them will seem a bit rare and unknown. This is the case, for example, of the star points, a coin that overlaps the classic blue stars, but whose objective is totally different.

What are the stellar points for?

Your stellar points (or stellar levels) are used to improve the appearance of your favorite units. Actually, this is the only way to acquire what we might call SKINS of cards . In December 2018 the possibility of obtaining specific aspects for our letters was incorporated into the game, through the stellar levels. There are three different levels of highlights:

  • The first star changes the visual effect of deploying the map, as well as part of the map
  • The second star changes the appearance of the map in the sand
  • The third star changes drastically the appearance of the map in the sand

Obviously, the cost in golden stars increases depending on the level of stars you want to reach . Therefore, an update to the second stellar level will cost more than an update at the first stellar level.

How to acquire stellar points?

To earn stellar points used to improve the visual aspect of our letters, We must have the account at level 13 . Is from this moment when we can unlock star points with each card donation to your clan, or with each standard improvement at the level of your cards. Remember that the visual appearance of the letters does not change its strength in the battlefield. Therefore, change your skins will not change your performance in the game, but it is currently the only thing you can do with gold stars.