Spider-one currently seems to be in every video game, and PUBG is no different. With the update 1.8 published on January 12, PUBG has added new features such as Spider-Man Web Shooters and Spiderweb Ball. Here you will find everything you need to know to get you and use.

PUBG has been there for some time than one of the oldest Battle Royal Games. With his success as a mobile game, PUBG has experienced many new updates to keep his player base in a mood. To stay up to date on everything around PUBG, make sure that you follow our instructions for things like important updates or even the new pub: New State.

How to get Web Shooter and Spiderweb Ball in PUBG

The new Web Shooters and Spiderweb Ball in PUBG are definitely acting to shake things up. Both items can be found in different places on the map, but the best place to get them is at Malta Power. There are three bright red boxes that give you both the Web Shooter and the Spiderweb Ball.


There are other locations for these items. One of these places are the buildings in the school district. You will find the boxes with networks in the corners. Shoot them and plunder them for the new Spider-Man tools. Other boxes with the web shooters and Spiderweb ball are scattered on the map, as at the military base, Cochin, Malta, prison, mansion and more.

How to use Web Shooter and Spiderweb Ball

The operation of the web shooter in PUBG is similar to the Fortnite Web Shooter. You can show Happen through the whole card by pointing to a location and use the web shooter. However, be careful, because unlike Fortnite, PUBG has falling damage, and you can accidentally kill if you are not watching when swinging. Make sure there are many things that you can attach before starting with the web slinging.

The Spiderweb Ball is a tool that allows you to slow down your enemies. It works as the name implies like a spider web. You can make your enemies to make them easy prey. Some people have argued that the Spiderweb Ball is not too effective and compared it with a blend grenade. Even if it looks cool, your enemies can still shoot on you and kill you while you set in a net.

PUBG is now available for iOS and Android.