It is finally the time, the new mechanics of battlefields for 2022 is unveiled by CDU. For this year, each hero now has its own unique servant, acquired after loading an ultimate bar. With these companions, Battlegrounds offers a fire of freshness that will redefine the mode and allow the heroes to get by. But that’s not all, because a new character is also announced: BYU’Kan.

companions, a mechanics for Battlegrounds

Come to renew the experience, but also allow some heroes to better get by, the companions are unique servants. Each fashion character owns his, that he can get after filled an ultimate gauge. This gauge has two charges, which can eventually inflicting damage, destroying divine shields, etc. When a load is completed, the player then receives a servant linked to his hero and his capabilities.

BYU’Kan, elementary hero


The Troll Shaman is the next hero to disembark on Battlegrounds, with an arsenal worthy of the biggest. Inspired by the elementary, he has a heroic power allowing him to choose between 4 elements, and therefore 4 different effects. It can thus enjoy particular bonus according to its situation, and free of charge. His companion is a spirit of Raptor memorizing the chosen element and activating his effect to death.