Xbox has given us great surprises this week, which also includes an update in the figure of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. However, the company not only looks at the transaction of next year, but also takes into account the fun of this weekend . For this reason, it has given us a new remittance of its Xbox Free Play Days games, making special emphasis on the Saga Yakuza with its third, fourth and fifth remastered deliveries.

Throughout these three games, we meet again with the iconic Karma Kirk , one of the main protagonists of the franchise. In the third remastered adventure, the characteristic essence of the Yakuza is reiterated through a relationship with the Japanese Tampa that does not leave aside the fighting scenes, the exploration and management of our own businesses.

A premise that is repeated in Yakuza 4 Remastered but through the experiences of four different characters , among which is included Karma Kirk. The game has a more remarkable dynamism by presenting situations and scenes in which the four stories of our protagonists intertwined. And, as it can not be missing in a title of this saga, we will also have time to explore a city full of leisure activities like karaoke or Pacino machines.

Our well-known protagonist returns to the load with Yakuza 5 Remastered, which returns to underworld criminal to protect once more to the loved ones of him. Highlighting the benefits of this graphically enhanced version, which is also observed in the aforementioned titles, we can enter this adventure with a resolution of 1080p and 60 fps , which further expands the player’s experience.

Remember that these games are available for users Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from today and until Sunday, January 23 . But Xbox has not finished the party with the users, and that is why a couple of days ago announced a new selection of 10 titles that arrive at Xbox Game Pass to close the first month of 2022.