Germany has also lost his second major running game at the Handball European Championship in Hungary and Slovakia. The team of national coach Alfred Gílson defeated in Bratislava Norway with 23:28 (12:14). (The game in the live ticker for reading) Best DHB Werner was Johannes Golda with four goals.

Norway was better than we. We made mistakes, but also had good moments. I’m still proud of my guys because they have given everything, Gílson said. Jodi bitter supplemented, We have cracked the first row of Norwegians. But their quality overall is just high. We did not do everything right at the front, but were better than Spain.

The German selection thus continues to have two counters in the account and occupied behind Spain (6), Sweden (4) and Norway (4) with Russia fourth place fourth. The entry into the semi-final is in front of the last two games against Sweden (Sunday, 6 pm) and Russia (Tuesday, 6 pm) in a long distance. Two wins are obligatory.

The second day in a row, the DHB selection had to cope with no further corona fall again apart from co-coach Erik White, which was again replaced by Oliver Roguish on the Bank. However, Julius Kuhn stood not yet available contrary to all hopes. His test had not the conditions for a return to the tournament, the DHB announced. Accordingly, the same 16 stakeholders as main rounding were in the match day gates.

Germany vs. Norway: The gameplay

Compared to the 23: 29 defeat against Spain on Thursday, Gílson built his first seven on two positions. On left outside, Patrick Viewer began for Rune Dame, in the right back of the back was allowed Christoph Steiner instead of Fabian Wide Ran.

Germany caught a good start. The defense about the Central Block Johannesgolla / Simon Ernst was extremely stable and aggressive, superstar Sander Sago sen was almost logged out. In the attack, Lukas used two tempo templates from bitter to tempo rushes, and Golda doubled twice after two magnificent playing at the district of Julian Foster. So it stood after eleven minutes 5: 3.

At the stand of 6: 5, the DHB team lost the thread after the first player changes and stayed almost nine minutes without their own hits. Similar to Spain, there were too many technical mistakes, Norway was able to play its strength and press the pace. After a good 20 minutes, the Scandinavians led 9: 7, which until Data strong bitterly prevented a higher residue. With 12:14 from a German point of view, it went into the break.

Norway significantly rioted

The cover did not return to the sovereignty of the initial phase. The Norwegians now found gaps and moved to 18:14 (35.). Since Bitter (10 out of 31, 32 percent) now has a slightly replaced, Gílson Daniel Reimann brought and temporarily turned to a 5: 1 defense.

It helped everything. Especially since the main problem was the overall weak attack performance. The Vice World Champion of 2017 and 2019 acted significantly rambled than the DHB selection. The residue increased from 17:22 (45.) to 19:25 (53.). The game was running.


Germany vs. Norway: The data for the game

initialization DHB: Bitter – Viewer, Foster, Weber, Steiner, Were, Golda

Goal Scorer DHB: Golda (4), Weber, Foster (both 3), Worker, Whence, Wide (All 2), Eichmann (2 – 0 of 1 seven meters), Steiner, State, Schmidt (all 1)

Scorers Norway: Thorsteinsen (7), Bartholdi, Sago sen (both 4), Borden, Ranking (both 3), Overjoyed, Sols tad (both 2), O’Sullivan, Very, Tonnes (all 1)

Two-minute penalties: Germany (2) – Norway (3)

Jackpot, Romania, Book Author: That was from the European Championship heroes of 2016

The star of the game: Erik Soft Thorsteinsen

The left back room player of the Norwegian did the Germans with his huge and precise lenses that hurts scary. Scored seven goals at ten attempts – great!

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The Flop of the Game: The German Attack

The overpayment worked well – that was it then too. The DHB team lacked the whole game of igniting ideas, there were also too many slight mistakes. Mostly individual actions were the last remedy, which also shot goalkeeper Torsion Berger warm.