Absent from hot news since last summer, Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker gives us good news, since an output date has been set. It was therefore on April 5 that the game will disembark on all market supports, after a long and chaotic development of 5 years. Because if the title was announced at E3 2019 (for an initial exit planned for 2020), the production started in 2017. For this episode that includes no less than 9 films in total, the ambitions were superior to the average of the Other Lego games that had a year of in fine development. If the crunch was a business culture of TT Games, many things have changed after unlocked satisfaction surveys. The end of the tunnel is therefore visible for employees who will be able to blow and present a game that wants to mark the renewal of the franchise, with a brand new 3D engine, no less than 300 playable characters, more than 100 vehicles with drivers, 23 planets To explore and the iconic times of the 3 trilogies to be redone with the LEGO atmosphere. In short, of the big content for players to forget this little glorious development at the time of their parts.

The Lego Star Wars release: The Saga Skywalker is expected for April 5th on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.