In the Software Soft Software Pokémon Legends Access , the content His’s Adventure Guide to introduce the adventure is updated. The third Pokémon picture book is introduced.

This work is a Vertical Development with an Action Element in the Pocket Monster series. Pokémon Trainer is not conceptually, and the main character is the first Pokémon picture book in this area to make the protagonist to make the main character the first Pokémon picture book in this area to the Pokémon survey.

In the traditional Pocket Monster series, all information was recorded in Pokémon pictorial book simply by catching Pokémon. In one of this work, it is not over by capture.

There is a research level for each Pokémon, and it rises by observing, evolving and evolving Pokémon. The contents of the picture book will be more fulfilling.

In addition, as the degree of completion of Pokémon pictorial book goes up, the degree of contribution to the main character’s Gin gaga group also rises members rank. As the area where you can investigate will increase, it will be important to increase the research level even if you want to advance the main story.

Pokémon Legends Access will be released on January 28, 2022. The price is 6,578 yen (tax included).