There is always the point in life in which a new chapter has to be opened. Also for young footballers, who often ask their dream of great career. But the view of a second pillar and an alternative to the football world is written at Hammer Strafe and the talents of the sports club also accompanied in this way away from the lawn. With Join Hood , the SC Prussia now has a partner on board, which specializes in exactly this question. It should become the point of contact number one for young people when it comes to the future issues such as internships, training or jobs. We believe that the classic application process is outdated and have developed a portal with Join Hood, which is exactly tailored to the needs of young job searches and prospective trainees. Through our smart, new communication channel, we make potential applicants facilitate contact with companies and thus want to reduce the number of open places in the region, explains Managing Director Werner Telemann and emphasizes: We are very pleased to be the official partner of the SC Prussia Münster and hope to achieve numerous synergies for both sides.

In order to be able to play the professional double pass with the younger generation, it is also necessary for classical professions new paths. Join Hood has made this process to the destination: First, we launched the platform from its own needs, because JOIN HOOD is the result of an initiative of several companies from the region, which were often not fully satisfied with the established channels. About our Bio-based chatbot, which allows our young target group – primarily to get the pupils, in their language and in their common communication behavior, about the smartphone, first and non-binding information on attractive employers in the region. Our focus is clearly on the informative and transparent corporate performance; Who is my potential employer? Which people work there? What would my personal perspectives in this company be? Telemann explains.

These are questions and topics, which of course are also present at Hammer Strafe. The youth trainers accompany the talents first and foremost in the square, but also experience their everyday life with all the difficulties and questions. Thus, the SC Prussia offers its junior players who spend a lot of time in the shadow of the Prussian Stadium for their footballing education, as needed, as needed. We want to design the development of our talents as holistic as possible and support them on their way in working life. It is important not to put the focus exclusively on football. With Join Hood, we have a strong partner at our site, which provides our junior footballers first and significant information about their possibilities in the region. We are pleased to establish another building block in our training process, sports director Peter Wiemar is glad about the newly closed partnership. It is the interaction of the present and future, which the young start-up dedicated to the Prussians, as Werner Telemann concludes: We want to jointly design the issue of occupational orientation in the Generation z together with the Club and above all for it Sensitize that training can also be the door opener for a shiny career.