Get ready to dive into something more sinister. The next psychological horror game of Bloodies Games, Madison, arrives at current and new generation consoles. In partnership with PERP Games, Bloodies is ready to bring nightmares to console players. A press release details the game and its arrival on consoles later this year.

Madison is our passion, and we have invested our heart and soul in the development of a game that will really scare you and challenge your prospects. Says the CEO of Bloodies, Alexis di Stefano, in the press release.

In Madison, players play the role of Luca. You wake up covered with blood. You have been forced to continue a brutal and horrible ritual by the hands of a demon, Madison. With only a camera and your own intelligence, you must connect the human world to the world beyond, solve puzzles and, above all, survive.

Rob Edwards, CEO of PERP Games, says in the statement that Madison, a truly revolutionary game that wears the psychological horror to a whole other level. Madison is terrifying, and we can not wait for people to live the tragic story of Luca in the months to come.

A trailer, release last year, shows Madison’s gameplay.


The trailer shows the prospect at the first person of the game. In addition, the trailer shows how the camera can be used. Players can also see how the game aims to disturb and achieve its goal.

For now, bloodies does not give a console release date. Yet players can expect the game sort later in 2022.