Rebellion, one of the most successful indie studios in the world, today releases a CGI trailer for Sniper Elite 5, the latest offshoot of the award-winning shooter franchise.

In it, fans receive an impression of the new invasion mode, which allows players to penetrate as a sniper of the axis powers in the campaign of another and thus dust high rewards.

The trailer originated under the direction of Rebellion Produktionsfirma Rebellion VFX and uses both in-game and exclusive VFX assets in combination with a tailored audio mix.

In addition, Rebellion today also reveals the cover artwork as well as the Key Type for Sniper Elite 5:

Invasion mode ensures an unprecedented intensity and drama in the game and expands the variety of tactics that players need to resort to a successful missionary conclusion. The sniper of the axle powers will do everything possible to eliminate its goal, while its adversary receives another directive: turn off the intruder.

The invasion mode is also available in Loop mode, making the challenge of sniper of the axle powers still tricky, as it is now to detect two Allies. In return, however, lucrative rewards also lure.

Chris Kingsley, CTO at Rebellion, commented: The invasion mode is a fantastic complement to the gaming experience of Sniper Elite 5. A human intruder acts differently, and his next steps are heavier. This grows the challenge, which in turn creates an intense, stress-charged atmosphere. Players will be informed that a sniper of the axle powers has penetrated their session, and it starts a nerve-wracking cat and mouse game with high commitment.

Chris supplements: For the players who only want a solo gaming experience, it will of course give the opportunity to turn off the invasion mode. But we recommend everyone to try it once. We had fun in the studio insane fun to infiltrate the college campaigns, and to find innovative ways secretly turn off our opponent.

In invasion mode, both players have some unique skills available. The invasion of the axis powers can call allies I forces to help to locate the Allied player. The tagging an axis military activates the Eagle Eyes. This marks the last known whereabouts of the opponent on the map as soon as he spoils him. The sniper of the axle powers can also inside soldiers nearby to stay alert to increase their attention.

For the Sniper of the Allies, there are in every level invasion telephones scattered on the map and with those of the players can locate the last known location of his opponent. But caution: These phones can not only be equipped with explosive traps, but also excite excessively use and betray the location of the player.

Successful snipers of the axle powers are rewarded with weapons, objects and unlocked skins, while the Allies sniper can earn weapons and character skins by killing their opponent. In addition, players earn additional experience points when they have activated the invasion mode.

Sniper Elite 5 will appear at the same time in the Xbox Game Pass, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 & 5, Epic, Steam and the Windows Store. Players hatch in the role of the Elite Scorer Karl Airborne, who traveled to France in 1944 to cross the plans of the Nazis and smash the secret operation to smash the overall octopus.


Uncut fans have reason to joy, because in Germany, the shooter is uncut with the US classification over 18 years with SWAT chairs.