Digital marketing is a subject that dominates the entrepreneurial ecosystem. No wonder, looking for deepening in the theme is constant among anyone who seeks professional positioning. Whether it is with the goal of advancing on the career as a professional area or developing your own business, the knowledge and skills of digital marketing become essential for success on the Internet (and outside it).

V4 Company, Brazil’s largest marketing advice, understands these needs and, along with the examination, will be contributing to the training of future professionals from the area through a live masterclass.

Learn from Brazil’s largest marketing advisory the most important skills for the area’s professional

The class will be given on February 15, at 7:00 p.m., by the CEO and founder of V4: Dener Lippert, who studied marketing at La Salle University and is a professional with vast experience in the field. He founded his first company at age 14 and at 18, he founded V4, which almost a decade has been with 100 offices and more than 300 professionals.

According to Lippert, the Digital Marketing Professional has the possibility to earn up to $ 10,000 a month on the Internet using the ten skills he plans to share during class.

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Learn the most important skills for a professional win up to R $ 10 thousand a month

To ensure your vacancy, you must sign up for this link. Do not miss the opportunity to train and graduate as a future professional marketing.