Developer Hazelight Studios announced that sales of cooperation action adventure games “ IT TAKES TWO ” reached 5 million. This work is released in March 2021 for PC / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S. Then it was achieved a large row in about a year.

“IT Takes Two” is an action adventure game dedicated to two cooperative play. The main character is a cody of a disconnected couple and May. The two are made into a doll by magic and are confined to the mysterious world. And they will try to repair the broken relationship and try to challenge difficulty.

This work is a work specialized for two-person cooperative play in online or local screen division, and it is required that the cody and May cooperate with each other for stage capture. Skillful level design in a unique view of the world and a pace allocation that can not get tired of players, a story based on a universal theme, and the Steam user reviews “overwhelmingly popular” in STEAM’s user reviews. In addition to gaining Game of the year in last year’s THE GAME AWARDS, Golden Joystick Awards also won Best Multiplayer Game.

This work is only one month from the Launch last March. After that, in June, it reached 3 million in October in October. The fact that it achieved 5 million copies this time is that 4 months and more than 4 months. By winning a big award as mentioned above, sales may also have a positive impact.

By the way, if this work has a mechanism called friend path, and if one player owns this work, the other player can play together even if you have not purchased the game. In April last year, the number of STEAM version simultaneous connection players recorded more than 306,000 or more, and 40% of them were reported to have enjoyed this work free of charge over the friend path ( Related article). Through these ways of playing, it is 5 million copies of sales, but including players who play this work via friends passes, more people will be touched in this work.

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Josef Fares, who served as a director of “IT Takes Two” at the establishment of Hazelight Studios, is a number that has far exceeded the expectation that the sales of this work has reached 5 million. He has also created a work that is committed to gameplay based on cooperative play, such as “Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons” and “A Way Out”, “Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons” It is known by having d1. This work has been a great success in the carrier of his he.

HAZELIGHT STUDIOS, HAZELIGHT STUDIOS, has been partnered with the production company DJ2 Entertainment to promote the plan for movie dramatization. Of these, Movieization is that PAT Casey, who worked on the movie “Sonic The Movie” script and Josh Miller, will be involved (Variety). It is noteworthy what kind of work.

“IT Takes Two” is being delivered for PC (STeam / Origin) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. In the game, it corresponds to the Japanese language display.

  • Josef Fares is a topic that he was compared to the movie when talking about the wonderfulness of interactive gaming experiences in the live broadcast of the Game Awards 2017, and it was also talked about saying “Fuck, Oscar!” If the movie version of “IT Takes Two” is awarded the Academy Award, it is likely to be aware of what comments.