11 Bit Studios and Dead Mage An Action RPG “ Children of Morta (the Story of Children of Morte-Family Bearing ‘(the story of the family’s tale ~)” will be delivered to the STEAM version for STEAM version Did.

This update is the eight end of the development roadmap, and scheduled to be released on February 14, Local Time as the Free Update “The Fellowship Sanctuary”. Enables cooperative multi-play with long desired online.

In this presentation, we also mention that we are developing to implement online CO-OP in the console version. It has not been clarified for specific timing.

“Children of Morta” is delivered for Windows / Mac / Linux (Steam, GOG.com), Xbox One / Windows (Xbox Game Pass), and overseas PS4 / Nintendose switch. In Japan, it is released for PS4 / Nintendose switch / Windows (DMM Game Player) from DMM Games, but updates are unknown at the time of writing articles.