These last weeks have been full of all kinds of rumors related to Mario Kart 9 . We know that Nintendo already put hands on the work in this game, but we still do not know anything about him, at least officially. A recent rumor suggests that there will be a new Nintendo Direct in February, and apparently, it will be there when the new delivery of Mario Kart finally be revealed.

Let's Talk About The Mario Kart 9 Rumors...

According to Zippo , a well-known insider, Mario Kart 9 will be present during the next Direct , which as it was previously told, would take place this month. Sadly, this insider did not give additional details about what we can expect from this new title, but it ensures that it should be revealed shortly.

However, there is a possibility that Mario Kart 9 is released up to 2023. Apparently it will be the most ambitious game of the entire franchise and would even add to characters almost all IPS What happened with _ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. _ At the moment all this is simply a rumor, so we suggest you take the information with reservation.

Editor’s note: It would make sense that the next Direct takes place this month, since a very good time has passed since the last time. In addition, Nintendo has surely has many things to announce for this year and the community and wants to know what the switch will arrive in the coming months.