1.3.2 patch notes, CRITICAL bug fixes hopefully coming to New World tonight
It was around the launch nearly 915,000 players who visited the New World servers via Steam, it is now only the 65,000 MMO fans to peak times. Clear that the noticeably affects the populations of the Realms. Last year there were first server compositions to improve the situation. Before Christmas, the news of the developers went online: Further measures will be made only 2022 .

Server “Merges” shortly

However, before the next server collapses could be performed, only a Housing bug had to be fixed, and that’s exactly what the developers have succeeded. Accordingly, there will be the first server merge of the year 2022 shortly: the Realms Ramaja and Avalon of Vanaheim PSI (Central EU) will be merged at 05:00 on 08 February.

As preparation for the server composition, it will give from 02:55 clock for about 60 minutes of server maintenance for Ramaa. After the end of the maintenance, you can not explain war on the server or transfer your character to this server. For the merger itself, a time window of two hours is scheduled. If something will change, you will learn it in the official forum of New World (Buy Now 39.99 €). Further information can be found in the FAQ on the server merges of New World.

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