Craftone (representative Kim Chang-han) acquired 5minlab (5minlab) in the domestic game developer (5minlab) to acquire 23.8 billion won in an Earn-Out manner and secured 100% stake. 5 Min-fi has been established in 2013, established in 2013 and has built cross-platform game development and service capabilities through Mobile Games ‘Smash Legend’ of action PVP genre.

The Craftton was about to pick up the domestic small mobile game developer for the first acquisition in 2022 ▲ Excellent talents have been grown and grown for a long period of time, and two of the technologies that were verified by collaboration with large companies. 5 Min-fi is in a five-year operation of the live service of a game of Japanese famous cartoons in Thailand and Taiwan, and is developing localized clients and servers. In addition, we have been acknowledged that Live Quiz Show Broadcasting System in Thailand’s Line Services develops and supplies AR / VR software and content to multiple large enterprises and broadcasters.

5 Myeong-Lap Park Moon-hyung’s director “Craffton is a representative global success of Korean game, but it is a company that strengthens its technology and continues to grow,” said the Global Operating Experience and Technology ” I believe that it will be helpful to the leap to the company that focuses on the essence of the game. “

Kraffin Kim Chang-ton said, “The 5-Mi Flemans will be able to share the crafty and ‘game development’, in that the five-day-to-end has been challenged and growing in 2013 after the establishment of the 2013.” We have secured independent studios and development workers with powerful technology, and will actively support them to be dedicated to new developments. “

A Smash Legend

5 Mintli has been steadily grown with a steady engineer and a solid organizer and a solid organizer and a solid organizer from the Moto, KAIST and Yonsei University. We have attracted multiple series A investments, and in addition to the representative ‘Smash Legend’, we are developing and servicing games such as ‘Brickscape’, ‘Brickscape’, ‘Express Thru’.