In the main series of Pokémon it is difficult that you have problems to get money by defeating coaches, which allows you to embolve a huge amount of coins. On the other hand, in Legends Pokémon: Arceus the story changes completely and here is that resort to other methods .

To cast you a cable in this task we have developed the following guide in which we are going to help you get a good amount of money ** Without having to sweat the fat drop for it.

How to get money easily and very quickly

As we have previously indicated there are several ways so that you can get a good sum of money. They are tricks that you must take into account because The rich will be necessary for a few things , like buying new garments for your character, to unlock attacks in the dojo, acquire objects or above all to expand the inventory.

You just have to follow any of the following methods , the one who likes the most, and in a matter of little time the money will stop being one of your concerns.

Hunt Pokémon.

Perhaps the simplest and most common method of all is to walk through any area of ​​the game, which is easier for you, and dedicate yourself to hunting Pokémon without stopping . When you have a few you should go to any camp and talk to the teacher Lavender to register the data in the Pokédex and step of a certain amount of money.

The more Pokémon trap, especially if they are from different species or you are with them using special methods , how to capture them off guard, that will add more points and therefore more money for your pockets.

Defeat Pokémon Alfas

Throughout the HISUI region you will find yourself sometimes with some largest Pokémon than normal and with red eyes. Those are the Pokémon Alfa , whose level is also higher than that of the surrounding Pokémon, so it is necessary that you have a team ready enough to deal with these special creatures.

The question is that for defeating them you will receive a few objects that later you can sell them in the camps or in Villa Jubilee, where it is more practical.

Destroying rocks

FAST MONEY GUIDE! How to Make a TON of MONEY in Pokemon Legends Arceus!
One of the most common ways to obtain resources is destroying the rocks you see by the scenarios . Most of the time they will give you minerals necessary for the manufacture of Poké Ball, but sometimes the luck may smile and also release stellar dust. For each unit that you sell this object will give you 1,000 coins.

manufacturing star pieces

At a certain time of the adventure will come the moment in which you can acquire new recipes in Ferrán’s workshop in Villa Jubileeo. Among them this one that allows you to manufacture your own star pieces **, which when selling them will give you 5,000 coins for each of them.

The recipe will cost you 10,000 coins , but it will be an investment that will deserve the penalty if you make mass star pieces. For this you will need the following materials:

  • Blue part x3
  • Red part x3
  • Star powder x1

Spacical distortions

When you have defeated Kleavor, it is possible that sometimes a spanking distortion ** in the area where you are. In these places appear really powerful Pokémon that will not hesitate for a moment in attacking, but it will also be one of the best sites of all the game to schedule themselves en masse.

In addition to catching objects to evolve your Pokémon, you will also come out Colored parts (necessary for the recipe of star pieces) and other precious stones, like nuggets, star powders and more to sell them in any store.

Opening chests and boxes

Finally, on the Crown Hillside there are ruins that are plagued by boxes and chests that will be broken by throwing close to one of your Pokémon. Within them you will find items of all kinds, mainly Poké Balls, but if you are patients late or later you will leave nuggets to sell them for 10,000 coins each of them.

In the following video you can take an eye to the exact place to which you will have to address, as well as the recommended route for you to sweep with all the boxes there.

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