Looking for another free multiplayer shot game to become good? There are already many, but FIRST Watch Games developer “Voyou_ company is a fairly elegant mix of certain gender staples, with some more fresh elements added to the mixture. Think of a war next time meets Valorant. There are currently three game modes accessible during the beta period of the game to make your teeth.

Play modes, explained


The demolition is company Voyou_ the flagship mode of. This is a four-to-four competition in which the teams are trying to put a bomb in the opposing area or to defend this Z1. There are two different areas where bombs can be placed and the defense team can win by beating the watch or eliminating all the opposition. It is a fairly standard game mode, but it is made more unique by the company Voyou_ Affine Progression and Game Economy.



Another four-to-four competition, Strikeout is a combination of King of the Hill and Death Match modes. However, it’s more user-friendly than demolition because you are not immediately eliminated if you are eliminated. Unlike demolition, players can reappear, but each team has a limited number of reappear. The teams can gain by reducing the number of reappearances of their opponent or killing them, or by controlling areas throughout the match. If your team keeps control of the area for 30 seconds, the number of reappearances of the opposing team will decrease from 1. There is also a good chance that you end up killing a lot during the process. This is a good fashion to orient you _ Company Voyou_ and is ideal for new players.


While extraction is not playable during the company Voyou_ beta, it’s a King of the Hill style competition mode. Like the two precedents, it also includes two teams of four people. The team that controls the control area the longest along the handle will win the Channel.

In addition to these three modes, there were also speculation on a fourth mode: Wingman. In Wingman, the competitions would be more intimate with two out of two battles, although there are currently no more details. Nevertheless, the company Voyou_ promises to be a new exciting free game. At the very least, it works wonderfully.