Electronic ARTS announced that three new games are being developed with Lucasfilm Games, working with Lucasfilm Games. Developed as a center of Respawn Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as RESPAWN).

In the case of the “Star Wars” game of EA, the “Star Wars Battlefront” series and the latest “Star Wars Scode Ron” are released. “Star Wars Jedai: Falun Order” that Respawn, which led new development development. The studio is also known as the developer of “Apex Legends” and “Titanfall” series.

The three new works that can be handed this time, the founder of the studio Vince Zampella, director. One of them is the work following the “Star Wars Jedai: Falling Order” described above, and it has already been in development. He served as a game director of the same work, and STIG ASMUSSEN, who has experience involved in the God of War series in the past, is directed to develop development.

The second new work is the theme of “Star Wars” to be a new FPS. Peter Hirschmann, who serves as a game director. He has experienced numerous “Star Wars” games, and Respawn was responsible for the direction of VR work “MEDAL OF HONOR: ABOVE and BEYOND”.

And the third is a strategy game as a genre. This is to develop in the collaboration of Respawn and a new construction studio called bit reactor. Leading the studio is Greg Foertsch from Firaxis Games known for “Sidomayers Civilization” and “XCOM”.

EA has a history that has been developed exclusively as the “Star Wars” game, but it announced that Ubai Isooft is developing new work last year. It became clear that the exclusive agreement with EA and Lucasfilm Games has ended (related articles). At that time, from Disney, which has the right of “Star Wars”, the EA was still an important strategic partner, but it was commented out, but this time it has become clear. Lucasfilm Games’s Vice President Reilly, Lucasfilm Games, Respawn has proved the ability to convey the story of “Star Wars” and continues to talk about what you can work together.

THREE New Star Wars Games, FPS, JEDI & Strategy Releasing Soon! - News

RESPAWN has already developed three new works of Star Wars Jedai: Falun Order, New Strategy Games, and currently recruiting further staff.