The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, has assured that the Japanese company prepares more acquisitions after the purchase of Bungie.

In statements to Gamesindustry, Ryan explained that Bungie’s purchase has been made to accelerate his ability to create online games as a live service on different platforms.

Negotiations for the purchase of Bungie began about six months ago and, therefore, are not a response to the purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft, according to Ryan.

In addition, this purchase will not be the last. Sony’s manager has claimed that “we must wait more. We have not finished. With PlayStation we have a long way to go.”

About Bungie, he said that “the first thing I want to say unequivocally is that Bungie will remain a study and an independent and multiplatform editor. Pete [Parsons, CEO of Bungie] and I have talked about many things throughout the last Months, and this was one of the first, and really the easiest and direct, conclusions we arrived together. Everyone wants that the extremely great community of Destiny 2, are on the platform that you can continue experimenting Destiny 2. And that approach will be applied to the future Bungie launches. That is unequivocal. “

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“Bungie will operate autonomously within the Sony Interactive Organization Entertainment, and will continue to publish their games on other platforms. We understand the importance of this. We have made our studies grow organically, but we have also made a series of acquisitions in the last Years. Be now Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch Productions or, recently, Insomniac. We understand how important it is to give these space and independence organizations, giving them a great support where and when necessary. “