In this Trophy Guide to Sifu you will learn:

The action game Sifu lets you slip into the skin of a young Kung FU student who wants to revoke the murder of his family. The special thing about the game: every time you die, ages to your character . As a result, you also learn new skills and shares more damage, but at the same time you always become fragile and keep yourself less hit yourself. The trophies of Sifu partly refer exactly to this game mechanics and demand you a lot.

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How many trophies are there in Sifu?

Sifu 100% Walkthrough (All Endings, Collectibles and Platinum Trophy)

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 43 trophies in Sifu :

  • 26x bronze
  • 13x silver
  • 3x gold
  • 1x platinum

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Sifu: All bronze trophies

Already for the bronze trophies you have to play through Sifu several times . For for the trophy “intrepidly” you may be a maximum of 50 years old at the end of the game while you have to achieve the oldest look for “old child”.

NAME Description Trophy
The old grandmaster Complete the prologue. bronze
The attack Kill Fajar at the end of the occupied factory ground. bronze
The hateful rod fighter Kill Sean at the end of the club. bronze
In the snow, the blood of a lady Kill Kuroki at the end of the museum. bronze
Lady Wing Chun Kill Jinfeng at the end of the tower. bronze
Unrestrained Be at the end of a game at most 50 years old. bronze
Stuntman If you smash your environment and exploit your width, you can control the fighting happen. bronze
Dance of the Mantison Large groups can be easily defeated when you throw opponents (ignored in training mode). bronze
Road fight Everything can be used as a weapon, so use the environment to your advantage. Everything is allowed in such fighting! (Ignored in training mode.) bronze
Life teaches Turn off your first ability. bronze
You never learn Turn your first ability permanently free. bronze
Qi-Gong: Spirit Get the highest EP reward of a shrine for the first time. bronze
Qi-Gong: Breath Get the highest point reward of a shrine for the first time. bronze
Qi-Gong: Essence Get the highest age reward of a shrine for the first time. bronze
I can kung-fu. Reach a score of 3,000. bronze
Old child Reach your oldest appearance. Are you enough strength to achieve your goal? bronze
Blood-stained sword Set an instantly deadly attack with a blade weapon against an opponent (ignored in training mode). bronze
Lightning fast hands Rings down 3 opponents within 12 seconds (is ignored in the introductory level). bronze
Kung-Fu break exchange Triff with a single blow 3 opponents (ignored in the introductory level). bronze
Promising path Turn off the mighty Calbot Maneuver. bronze
Brawl in Hangar Complete the Hangar in the occupied factory grounds in a maximum of 1 minute and 19 seconds after the main group has discovered. bronze
Protector of the pit Defeat the big guy in the pit of the club in front of all other opponents. bronze
Be like water, my friend Throw in the museum an opponent from a higher floor in the fountain. bronze
Leiden to save time Jump in the caves of the tower from a high point to get deeper quickly. bronze
Warrior from the mountains Throw in the sanctuary an opponent in the mountains. bronze
Snapshot Try the photo mode! bronze

Sifu: All silver trophies

The silver trophies in Sifu will deal with you for a while, as you have to complete all Noteboards in the game.

NAME Description Trophy
Muk-Yan Master Receive the Warktalisman. silver
Burning Tiger Receive the Feuertalisman. silver
Source of the flying daggers Receive the water valley. silver
Iron Money Receive the metal valley. silver
Kill Nile Kill every boss without dying. silver
Detective Complete the signboard of the occupied factory ground. silver
Drunk Fighter Complete the club description. silver
Martial Arts Complete the clerk of the museum. silver
Knowledge Complete the clerk of the tower. silver
Healing memory Complete the clerk of the sanctuary. silver
The 36th chamber of Kung-Fu With bare hands or with a weapon, standing, on a wall, a projection or on the floor… guide every kind of low rings at least once. silver
Master of the Phoenixey Fist Put every focal attack at least once (ignored in the introductory level). silver
Wildness, Speed, Strength, Accuracy Reach a score of 5,000. silver

Sifu: gold and platinum trophies

To get the platinum trophy in Sifu, you have to become a professional fighter and may not die as well as the story in the course of the story, because the Gold Trophy “Wunderkind” demands that at the end of the Game a maximum of 25 years old – and with every death in Sifu ages your character.

NAME Description Trophy
Angry fists Practice revenge (kill Yang at the end of the sanctuary). gold
Legendary Talismans of Wuxing Receive the Earthalisman and reach. gold
Wunderkind Be at the end of a game at most 25 years old. gold
Fist of immortal You have released all trophies! Thank you for playing Sifu! platinum

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