Developer’s Timi Studios announced February 13, “Metal slug: awakening” PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 version. Release time is undecided.

This work is the latest work of the “Metal Slug” series, which was announced in 2020 “Metal Slug Code: J”. At that time, it was revealed that it was for smartphones, but this time it was also under development for PS4 / PS5.

The Metal Slug series is a popular horizontal scroll action shooting game that SNK works and continues from 1996. For new work “Metal Slug: awakening”, Timi Studios, which worked on “Pokemon Unite”, “Call of Duty: Mobile”, “Arena of Valor”, etc., is responsible for developing.

With regard to the game content of this work, many information has not been published yet, but from the trailer, the protagonists such as Marco Terama Eri Fio will continue to appear, and while the gameplay of the horizontal scroll action is also followed, It can be seen that the visual style is renewed from familiar dot pictures. In the following video, it can be seen that the fat element is kicked if it is too much. In addition, a search element is prepared in this work, and the whole-wide map wrestling of the entering operation can also be confirmed.

In the veta test video conducted for mobile, it is found that the performance of the gun changes by acquiring items in the way. For example, when you take an item written as “I”, you can eject cold air and froze the enemy and river, and you can shoot a powerful fireball with the “F” item. These are fixed number of bullets and it seems to be a temporary reinforcement item. Guns may also have a cool down system ability.

In addition, there is a camp which is a supply point between the stage, and a weapon upgrade, etc. NPC can also check the figure of Aikawa Retimemi, “General Applicants’ Nice Girl”. Also, the details are unknown, but other players’ s main character characters are also seen. This can only be confirmed in the camp, but at least in the mobile version may have some multiplayer elements.

“Metal Slug: awakening” is developed for PS4 / PS5 and mobile. Delivery time is undecided. This work is also guided from SNK to Japan at the time of 2020 announcement, so it may be expected to be released in Japan.