In an interview with IGN Japan, Toshiiro Nagoshi revealed many details about the future projects of Nagoshi Studio , a subsidiary of the Chinese group Games Launcher Online service is stopped in situations where you can not purchase the PC version GTA: Trilogy: Decision Edition immediately after the release”>Netease Games and especially the study of the ancient creators / developers of Yakuza games. Several topics were discussed during this interview, including one that caught our attention: that of the first game of the study .

Kazuma Kiryu Adventures Fans, Quiet! Nagoshi said that the studies games of the same name will not divert from those he created with Sega, such as the famous Yakuzas and Lost Judgment.

As a reminder, Nagoshi Studio, formed mostly by “veterans” of the Yakuza game that have worked with Sega, was formalized last January and is taking its first steps in the great world of videogame developers. Although your adventure has only started, the teams already have ideas on the head and now (thanks to Netease Games) the necessary means to carry them out.

The first game of Nagoshi Studio

It would still be at the pre-development stage: _ “We have just building the study” _, declared Toshihiro Nagoshi. _ “As for the idea, it is an idea that occurred to me originally. We are still in the process of expanding it and consolidating it, while we heard the opinion of the rest of the staff.”

However, in terms of the frame plot, Nagoshi evokes the issue of human relationships, as well as the joys and sorrows that accompany them. All this within an Asian environment, which supposed (in part) the success of the previous games of the Sega developer team. Although, in the eyes of it, the decoration has little importance in the face of history and everything that transmits.

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A next release date?

The study does not want to move towards the development of “fun” games, but towards dramatic games, more likely to play and above all mark the players. It will spend some time before you can enjoy the game in question, the development has not yet begun. We know that we can still expect a game worked because as it clarified (and returned to clarify) Nagoshi, _ “The project will not be launched until we are sure that it is completely finished” _.