“Personnel we have all players available, of course very pleasing. The mood is good, clear if you have not lost so long in a row,” Osnabrück’s coach Daniel Scherning was in a good mood the press conference in front of the duel with Braunschweig on Saturday.

Аллергия. Пирсинг на пупке. Как создать форму тела. Как исцеляла Богородица. Психосоматика.

The VfL did not last seven times in a row, there were three victories and four draws in this phase. Personnel can draw the coach out of full, but nevertheless announced that there could be any changes. “That’s possible,” said Scaring. “We have different possibilities for two, three positions that hurt me in the head. This is a beautiful situation if you have the agony of choice as a coach, because all players are on board.”

No matter what staff, Osnabrück wants to keep the three points at home on Saturday. The 5,000 expected viewers should also help the VFL. With a victory, the current fifth to third parties from Braunschweig could detect scene. The Eintracht has 45 points in the account, Osnabrück 42.

Scaring: “They are completely right up there”

“They showed about which quality they have,” said Scherning and played, among other things, on the impressive Braunschweiger 6: 0 during the week at Viktoria Berlin. “This is a team that works very hard. They have a clear structure and are able to switch fast to ball gains quickly. This is a team that is completely right up there.”