Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated Sony 2022 games, and the first users of the Sicvel Guerrilla Games will receive various bonuses for receiving copies in the early stages of the game life cycle. Horizon Zero Dawn fans recognize the Nora Legacy’s equipment and spear, which is provided as a bonus for selected players in the Forbidden West, and that’s how you can get this set of items.

Where to find Preorder Bonus Items in Horizon Forbidden West - Nora Legacy Outfit & Spear

To unlock equipment and spear Nora Heritage , You need to pre-order Any version of Horizon Forbidden West before the release of the game February 18, 2022. Those who will acquire a digital version of Horizon Forbidden West will receive this free addition along with The game in the pre-order confirmation menu when buying. If you buy a physical copy, retailers must send information to the specified email address or your receipt with the instructions on the repayment of this nostalgic set.

Guerrilla Games presented a detailed preview of the Nora Legacy Outfit & Spear set, which players can see on their page on Twitter, which we turned below:

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