The fourth season of Attack on Titan has had several important disclosures. Eren , who was previously one of the protagonists, has now become a true threat to humanity, and with the help of the colossal titans **, this character will seek to put an end to the existence such as As we know it. However, the colossal titans under the command of it are much more terrifying than the originals.

How Titans Are Made ! ( Eng-Sub ) Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2
The fourth season of the anime made it clear that these beasts will put an end to humanity. Eren Wait to use an army of them to achieve this fiancé, and as told by a few moments ago, these new giants are the most scary that the series has shown.

As you could see in the image above, the Colossal Titans Under the command of EREN are certainly different from those we saw during the first seasons of anime. The Titan of Bertolt became a banner for others Colossal Titans, and a large part of its design is still present to date although with several significant changes that make them even more frightening.