Eternity’s End – Launch Trailer | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
The gateway to the Darkness Founders’ Wonders, the gateway to Zares Mortis, and the moment of Azeroth has been approaching the battle with the liver.

World of Warcraft: A large-scale patch, which is a large-scale patch, which is a large-scale patch, which is a large-scale patch, which is the end of the Eternity’s End.

At the end of the eternity, you can meet the automatic machine, which is a binder that created everything that exists in the Darkness, and a new program that is a new camp reality, and a new production system that allows players to create a pet and create a pet. You can enjoy the play experience. New features, rewards, and activities that are disclosed at the end of eternity are as follows.

One. New Restoration: Mailing of the presence of the beginning \ – Make sure that the powerful attached to the jangjang, and the way to the canun is to open. I also have to pay for the Alliance’s King of Wang.

2. New Area: Zesesmortis \ – Exploring the land of the founder in the basis of the restaurant. Meanwhile, enjoy a daily quest in the new quest center, while you should build an alliance with new residents who have a realized that consisted of automatic machines and former intermediaries.

3. New Growth System: Password of the Bees’ Password \ – Unique automatic machine colleagues to learn the founder’s forgotten language, and find out the founder’s forgottening language, and find the secret of the hidden secret in Jases Mortis, Experience.

4. The return of the tier set \ – The new job argument set with the founder is added. The set area can be obtained through several activities such as attacks, head, myth + dungeon, and player combat, and provide two sets and four sets of additional effects according to each vocational specialization.

5. Other contents \ – A number of functions and improvements to expect in terms of multiple functions and systems are applied. Various changes in various scopes such as vocational balance and professional technology, torgast, all kinds of new ride and collected pets!