Elden Ring hBandai Namco received the patch 1.02.1 for PC and consoles PlayStation 5 . After completing your first weekend, the title of fromSoftware and Bandai Namco continues to win adepts, players who little by little enter the exciting middlelands and have identified some corrected problems through updates. However, some of these inconveniences have now been solved.

Patch notes of version 1.02.1 from Elden Ring

Update 1.02.1 of Elden Ring is now available in PlayStation 5 and PC consoles; The latter specially criticized by the players for certain problems of stuttering (momentary brusque parons in the rate of images for seconds). The Japanese study will continue to investigate all these commitments. Meanwhile, these are the improvements applied with the arrival of the new patch, published this February 26:

Improvements for Elden Ring on PC

  • Corrected start-up problems related to EBandai Namcoy Anti Cheat (EAC).
  • Improvements in the game with mouse (PC), now optimized.
  • Reduced the amount of files needed to load a new area.

Improvements for Elden Ring on PS5

  • Fixed an error that closed the game unexpectedly on some occBandai Namcoions.

On the other hand, ELDEN Ring’s official Twitter account confirms that the connection problems of the Xbox version should be perfectly solved, although this patch does not correct anything from the above on Xbox One or Xbox Series platforms.

Elden Ring, which hBandai Namco debuted with record figures of players in Steam and with spectacular Twitch audience numbers, is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In Meristation we have qualified it in our analysis Like a mBandai Namcoterpiece.

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