The mythical Sid Meier, creator of classics such as Civilization, Silent Service or F-15 Strike Eagle, is the last renowned developer to publicly show his rejection of the NFTs and the industry’s trend towards monetization abuse.

In an interview granted to the BBC to commemorate the thirty-anniversary of the original civilization, Meier has warned that progress in the development of video games is forgetting that the most important thing is the gameplay, and has also warned that pursuing forms of monetization as the NFTS involves the risk of alienating players.

“The real challenge and the real opportunity is to maintain our focus on playability,” he says. “That’s what is unique, special and attractive of videogames as a form of entertainment.”

“When that is forgotten and decided in favor of monetization or other things that are not focused on the gameplay is when we started to forget how to make great games and start thinking about games like a vehicle for the business opportunity or for Another thing, when we begin to deviate from the way to follow. “

How Sid Meier Almost Made Civilization a Real-Time Strategy Game | War Stories | Ars Technica

This refers, obviously, to the recent controversy that has surrounded the industry with the approach to NFTS. Although players have been fully shown against them, companies like Ubisoft or Konami remain committed to betting on this technology, while others, such as Electronic Arts or Sega, have reversed in their intentions seeing the negative response of the community.

Meier ended saying that “I think we should make sure that video games are still of great quality and fun to play. There are many other ways of entertainment out there, we are in a good position… but we need to be sure that we are aware of what Vital that is the gameplay, and that it is the engine that keeps the players happy, committed and having a good time. “