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End of the career: Disease forces Bruce Willis to stop

Anyone who was looking forward to another movie with actor Bruce Willis should certainly be something disappointed. The 67 year old American ends a bit surprisingly his career . This is out of a official message of his family , which is to read on the Instagram account of the daughter Rumer Willis. This was also signed by her sister Scout, the current wife Emma Heming-Willis and the ex-wife Demi Moore.

That’s why Bruce Willis ends his career

The End of the Career of Bruce Willis

As shown in the message, Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with Aphasia recently . This is a certain type of language fault, which usually occurs as a result of a stroke or a damage to the brain **. However, the more detailed circumstances in the case of Willis are not known yet. Due to the aphasia, the actor is no longer possible for the actor to pursue its previous job. In the message, it still states:

_ “This is a really challenging time for our family, and we are very grateful for your sustained love, compassion and support. We will start this together as a strong family unit and wanted to involve the fans as we know how much he Just as you mean something to him. “_

The big career of Bruce Willis

Born in 1955 in the German city of Idar-Oberstein, Bruce Willis has become known especially for its roles in action films. His peer leader is the policeman John McClane from the film series Die Die’s slow, which has helped him to the big breakthrough . He was also seen in several parts of the expendable series with Sylvester Stallone and other action stars. During his career, he was able to win some prizes such as the Golden Globe and an Emmy . Incidentally, some of his best films can be viewed in the Stirb Slow Collection on Blu-ray.

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Suns conquer Warriors and put franchise

Nine in series for the franchise record: The Phoenix Suns go through against the Golden State Warriors in Crunchtime and drove their 62. season win.


84.2 percent. This is not the current victory quota of Phoenix Suns, which is slightly below 81.6 percent. 84.2 percent of their game has won the franchise from Arizona this season when it went to the “Clutch” time. An undisputed peak.

Their crunchtime strengths underpinned the Suns recently with a 107: 103 away success against the Golden State Warriors. The Suns drove their ninth success in succession and set their franchise record with the 62nd season win.

62 victories also had the Suns team of 1992/93 around Charles Barkley and the 2004/05 around Steve Nash, “Seven Seconds OR Less” approach.

How exciting was the duel of two finals candidates? In the last nine minutes, it was always a “One Possession Game”. After a ball loss of Draymond Green was in return at 13 seconds on Chris Paul with a Floater to the 104: 101 on the spot – ultimately the Gamewinner, as the Suns on the line ensured the victory. With 3/3 FG and 2/2 FT in the last three minutes of the game was also the Suns Guard itself “Clutch”.

“Ghostwire: Tokyo” I plunged in a mystical Japan

Want to changeout? Direction Tokyo where strange things happen… We find behind the game Ghostwire: Tokyo-Available since March 25-, the Japanese Studio Tango Gameworks founded in 2010 by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the famous series of Resident Evil. With this title, the artist abandons the horror at the same time as the reins of the project left to Kenji Kimura.

Direction the Shibuya district for a title that intends to immerse ourselves in Japanese culture. Japan’s followers will find all their adventure thousand and small references to Nippone culture as these friendly Yokai we believe here or there.

On the architecture side, we find the typical buildings of the city between buildings, ancestral temples, doors Torii, until the famous Tower of Tokyo, Alter ego of our National Eiffel Tower. The inhabitants have disappeared, replaced by strange creatures. All these monsters are inspired by Japanese folklore. What to delight the followers of Japanese terror movies even if the game lies much more towards action than the thrill.

A strange atmosphere

Ghostwire: Tokyo does not hear the player but much more dive into a strange and gently disturbing atmosphere. The opponent that the player faces is both mysterious. All right now see it at the beginning of adventure. What is the purpose of the enigmatic occultist who plunged the city into this supernatural chaos where two worlds seem to coexist?

The hero of this adventure, assisted by a spectral entity, will have to lead the investigation to save his life but also that of his sister. Of course, to get rid of the evils and creatures that stand on its way, this one will be able to use magical powers.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase | PS5
In the form of an FPS, first-person shooting game, but no weapon (here is good!), The game invites the player to deliver many fights. You have to choose his spells according to his enemies to make the most of it. We also find here or there during these tokyoic wavers of objects thanks to which these spells can be improved. This walk in Tokyo is not rest but also probably what makes its charm.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bethesda, on PS5 and PC.

Gearbox publishes the Roadmap de Borderlands 3 for spring

Gearbox had a pretty good last pax of Pax Easts. Last year, in Pax East, they officially revealed Borderlands 3 and the last DLC for Borderlands 2 that connects the two games. This year, they announced the Steam exit date of Borderlands 3 and revealed the second DLC in history. Gearbox also took the opportunity to publish a Borderlands 3 roadmap for the coming months. Gearbox has always had something with Borderlands 3, but now we know what we look forward to.

Borderlands 3 Reveal + Gearbox PAX East 2019 Stream - IGN Live

The beginning of the roadmap is Guns, Love, and Tentacles, which was shown to us yesterday. It includes a new planet, a history, familiar characters and new legendary and cosmetic products. In April, we obtain Mayhem Mode 2.0, which seems to update the content of the end of the party by adding new modifiers and equipment. Later in April, there will be an event called Revenge of the Cartels, for which there is very little information, but of different enemies will populate the Borderlands. In May, Vault Hunters will be able to participate in the second Takedown. This time, the enemies will be guardians. The last time, the players faced the Malian forces.

The next major DLC of Borderlands 3 will be released on March 26, a few months after the previous 1. This roadmap will bring us in June, which would probably be the month of the launch of the third DLC. Borderlands 3 is available on PC, Stadia, Xbox One and PS4.

What is the most waiting for you in the coming months? Let us know in the comments below.

The source: Twitter

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti: “The fGeForce RTXtest GPU on the planet” is now available for 2,249 euros

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Review - My Experience!
After months of waiting and some uncertainty for their commercial delay, the new and almighty graphical card of NVIDIA is finally available, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti , also confirming its final price in Europe: nothing more and nothing less than 2,249 euros . This can be checked through the official NVIDIA store, where said model appears listed next to the Rest of the GTX and RTX range.

24 GB GDDR6X and 40 Teraflops

Thus, the one known GeForce RTX “ FGeForce RTXtest GPU on the planet ” finally confirms its final price after several months of speculation about the amount of money I would be willing nvidia to put on the table. Finally it stays more than 2,000 euros in Europe, of course, an almost prohibitive price for a component. GeForce RTX it is usually customary in recent years, its price in dollars remains something below, specifically at $ 1,999 .

In addition, other manufacturers who usually market their own versions of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards have already announced their ** models themselves bGeForce RTXed on this new RTX 3090 IT. In the absence of knowing all the versions and their prices, the confirmed brands are GeForce RTXus, Colorful, Evga, Gainward, Galax, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit, PNY and ZOTAC.

Recall that the new nvidia rtx 3090 ti offers features practically from another planet with 24 GB GDDR6X at 21 Gbps, or what is the same, a higher memory speed of almost 8% compared to Model RTX 3090, in addition to brutal 40 teraphlops performance in the GPU processor, that is, 11% more gross power compared to the immediately lower model. The bGeForce RTXe frequency is 1560 MHz and Turbo mode rises to 1860 MHz. Likewise, it hGeForce RTX 10,752 CUDA nuclei and a consumption of 450 watts.

Sniper TPS “Sniper Elite 5” New trailer using various weapons such as pistol and SMG! Add an iron site perspective to secondary

Sniper Elite 5 - Official Marksman Trailer
Rebellion introduces the trailer to the official site, such as the sniper action series latest work “ Customization of the weapon of Sniper Elite 5 (Sniper Elite 5) “.

This work decided by the release of Japanese package version for PS last week. There are more than 200 options, including items such as scope, suppressor, stock, and Muzzle brake, and you can adjust the loadout according to your own play style and each mission.

Weapon attachments and customization options are released when you find workbenches, and adjustments fluctuate four weapon status, such as power and fire speed. In addition, in this work, an iron site perspective has been added to secondary weapons such as pistols and SMG, and trailers can be aimed at a pistol to check the target.

“Sniper Elite 5” is scheduled to be released on May 26 for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE. The Japanese package version is also reserved for PS4 / PS5. Microsoft Games Subscing Service The first day of the Launched on the Xbox / PC Game Pass.

Stan Wawrinka fails early: Dominic Thiem with comeback

The three-time Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka is back. After a breathing break of more than a year, the Swiss on Tuesday on the small stage of the Challenger tournament in Marbella celebrated his comeback.

Stan Wawrinka's Best Points | US Open
From his best form, however, the 37-year-old is still miles away. Wawrinka defeated the Sweden Elias Ymer 2: 6, 4: 6. Later in the day, even ex-US Open Champion Dominic Thiem should celebrate his return on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

Wawrinka, ranked 232 of the world, had had to undergo two foot operations last year and at the beginning of March 2021 denied his until date. Then there were “many difficult moments,” said Wawrinka of the newspaper le Matin, also doubts about his return. His foot had become better over the past few weeks.

Thiem suffered a wrist infringement at Reamernier in Mallorca last June and has not played a match since. “It was a very, very hard time for me,” said the 28-year-old last over the long forced break: “I know it will take a long time to come back to the top level.”

Wawrinka fought between 2014 and 2016 its titles at the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. In New York, Thiem 2020, with the scarce final win over Alexander Zverev managed his biggest success, then he fell into a mental “hole” and spoke of a “certain emptiness”. Subsequently, the injury took him, Thiem moved his comeback again and again.

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He is a world ranking list 50. Top position at the Andalucia Open, which are allowed to look forward to a strong number of participants with the beginning of the sandplatz season. Also Routinian Philipp Kohlschreiber (Augsburg) and Yannick Hanfmann (Karlsruhe) are at the start.

The MMORPG Cross-Platform Odin Valhalla Rising launches Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao

In June of last year, the South Korean studio Lionheart and his publisher Kakao Game launched the final version of Odin: Valhalla Rising in South Korea, unveiling a MMORPG Cross-platform distributed both on mobile devices and PC. The game boasted its graphic qualities and its dynamic gameplay and obviously, the South Korean players have massively answered present – the game ranks regularly on the podium of the most played mobile titles in Korea (it becomes even the indétrônable lineage M * * and lineage 2m In the stride of its launch, before having to give up its first place to lineage w **).

ODIN: Valhalla Rising Gameplay - MMORPG Android IOS

Odin Valhalla Rising must be the subject of global exploitation and before an exit in the West, the MMORPG launches to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao – after testing, animations and meadow events. – Inscriptions and pre-creation of characters since last January. As for the South Korean version, the Taiwanese version of Odin integrates cross-platform options and is distributed on Google Play, the App Store and PC via the local official website. And for the occasion, 27 servers are available for launch – with the possibility of opening more on the craze of the players requires it.

If this Taiwanese version is translated into Chinese (always relatively small accessible to Western players, therefore), it nevertheless marks the Beyond Korea program of the publisher Kakao Games , which aims to distribute the MMORPG outside the borders of South Korea. At this point, no launch date in the West is specified, but the game must be revealed over different territories throughout the year.

VFL Wolfsburg gives victory against Arsenal from the hand

Bundesliga leader VfL Wolfsburg has laid the foundation stone for the jump into the semifinals in the Champions League of the Footballers.

In the quarter-final first leg at FC Arsenal, the two-time winners of the royal class on Wednesday only in the 89th minute the gate to the final score of 1: 1 (1: 0).

[1-1] | 23.03.2022 | Arsenal Women vs VfL Wolfsburg Frauen | UWCL 2021-22 1/4 Final 1st Leg

Tabea Waßmuth (19.) used the first Wolfsburg team at the Emirates Stadium, then the guests moved back. Arsenal was steadily better and shortly after the break had several large opportunities, the VfL of coach Tommy Stroot held with fight and passion. Waßmuth and the former Arsenal player Jill Roord immediately met the posts (61.). The compensation eventually succeeded Carlotte Wubben-Moy.

The second leg will be held on March 31st (18:45 pm / Dazn) in the Wolfsburg VW Arena, in which otherwise the Men’s team of VfL plays. On Tuesday, the German masters of Bavaria Munich lost their first leg against Paris St. Germain in the Allianz Arena 1: 2. Juventus Turin Convinced Olympique Lyon on Wednesday 2: 1 (0: 1).

NVIDIA and AI to make AI face movement in line with voice

NVIDIA said on the 23rd, Games Developer Conference GDC 2022, announced that it revealed a new Omniverse platform for game developers.

AI-Powered Facial Animation with Omniverse Audio2Face

The latest Omnibus platform shares assets so that developers can animate the character’s expressions on a new development pipeline, sort the asset libraries, and use collaboration and AI to utilize collaboration and AI. This allows you to simplify labor-intensive development processes, and you can significantly reduce repetitive development time.

The components of the Omnibus platform are divided into ▲ ▲ ▲ 옴 옴 ​​▲ ▲ ▲ 옴 ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ 옴 옴.

Omnibus audio-to-face technology is a AI feature that allows you to customize high-quality face animations according to voice files. It is characterized that it is possible to control the emotional element, which can easily be used to improve realistic expression and emotions to amplify the reality of the game.

Omnibus New Clauds can easily share the Omnibus scene with a single click, so you can easily share a real-time sharing and collaboration with 3D assets at the same time, so you do not need to build a new Classes separately on your local or private cloud. Give it. This feature is currently available for viewing ahead.

The Omnibus Deep Search is a AI support service that is provided to the Enterprise subscribers, with Natural language inputs and images to immediately query the entire catalog of 3D assets, objects and characters without tags.

The Omnibus connector is a plug-in that enables the ‘Live Sync’ collaboration workflow between third party design tools and Omnibus. Through the Unreal Engine 5 Omnibus connector, the game artist can exchange USD and Material definition language data between the game engine and the Omnibus.

A detailed description of the NVIDIA Omnibus can be found on the official site.

Meanwhile, Ray tracing is applied to Tokyo, which will be released on the 25th, and provide up to twice the improved performance through DLSS activation. On May 13, NVIDIA DLSS is applied, and the Open World Reasoning game ‘Paradise Killer’ is also a 4K resolution, up to 60% from NVIDIA DLSS, which accelerates reflection and performance of Ray tracing applications. Performance can be improved.

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