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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands | GRAVEBORN Class Preview & FULL SKILL TREE!

Are you playing a good route shooter of a reader? This time lucky “ Wonderland-Tiny Tina and Magical World ” We would like to deliver the play report as the play report.


# Goblin repression reversed together with alliance!

Two characters prepared for the trial version. “ Grave Bone ” and “ Staffomancer “. The character chosen by the author was a stabomanter and I thought that male characters thought. Gravebone is a female character that uses pets, and the trial version is allocated from the beginning. Since the stabomanter is not allocated, it is a specification that can enjoy build freely.

Introduction is suddenly thrown into the field, and Goblin’s “ Jar ” is creating “ Goblin repression anti-alliance (GTFO) “. This Jar is fun because it comes to “ Omigobe! ” with attractive sub characters. And stop the dragon god “ Volkanar ” of the dragon. This can be played as a side quest. Volkanar seems to have a pressure on Goblin.

# Many parameters that can be expected to be a lot of built buildings in the main story

This work has “ magic ” instead of the grenade frame. There were two types of Cool Down system, and two types of things that trigger and activated from long press. Variety, such as threating a barrier or throwing a flame, and flying wiben. The product version may have more variations.

In addition, surprise, surprise The concept of “close weapons” was introduced . As a result, skills with close weapons are functional and will make you feel a pretty freedom. As nearby weapons are also equipped, there is a drop, and it was quite exciting for any close weapons in Legendary.

And Skill Tree has only one in the preview version, but it is probably at least three of the series in the main story and have at least three. In addition, when it becomes level 40, there is no way to be worried about the “legendary rank”.

# Bodaran clause packed quest

First of all, the main quest called “ Goblin Repression Anti-Alliance (GTFO) “. Here is the content to launch the rebel by putting the GTFO poster or raising the flag. The next main quest was not progressing in the preview building, but I was very worried about the style to expect.

When you look at the side quest, “ Black truck ” is a quest that starts through the idol “ crap trap ” of Bodaran, and how to make a magical equipment. I do not know Poo, but for the time being, I will be used to make it and use it. At the quarry attack, it is possible to minify with a close attack, and the quest progressed when you collect a fixed number of ore. After that, another ore is collected or collected magic items. Ultimately, it is a bodaran clause that will be a ton demo deployment.

At the quest “ fighting warriors ” to take the rest of the ancient weapons, it is possible to avoid the battle and pass the other. Eventually, I passed an artifact to Goblin, but I was allowed to laugh at the development in the boss battle.

This build is the largest quest “ Person who defeats Volkanar ” will destroy the machine. After that, get a bomb and get a fight with “ Freich Kurs “. After that, I will defeat the priest and challenge the battle with Dragon Volkanar like Robo. Unfortunately, I did not get a legendary this time, but I may drop it if it is.

# Psychony of playability and hospitality

In the series, the message “ fighting and surviving! ” will flow, and if you defeat the enemy, you can be displayed as “ Secondow India! ” and resurrection. However, this time, “ Protect life! ” is displayed, and if you defeat the enemy, “ Death avoidance ” will be displayed. This is a good impression that this is the intention to play a new player easy to understand.

It is also sound, but as a statement in the interview of the audio director, there is a sense of “ Harry Potter ” from the title screen. In addition, the sound of attacks had a flashy feeling that I was traunched a little bit, but I’m a warm sound and it is impressive that it is a warm sound and it is difficult to get tired.

This work is a stronger impression that has been opened to a new player, and Bodaran does not know much, but the player will be easy to get in hand. How about trying to experience a sword and magical FPS? Well then, readers are all served, perfect!